It can be easy to rationalize that you really don’t have enough time to exercise when you have work deadlines and parenting responsibilities to think about.  But many parents fall into the trap of forgetting about physical activity altogether when they can’t seem to balance work and family life. While these are valid reasons, it is totally not impossible for parents to get the exercise that they need despite their busy

Studies have shown that more than half of the individuals, who are able to maintain a regular exercise regimen, are those who have full time jobs and those who even have small kids at home. It can be hard to imagine how these parents can allocate time for exercise when they have very demanding schedules. But there is actually no secret formula on how you can keep a regular exercise regimen. It is actually more of getting your priorities straight so you can stay healthy. Here are some tips on how you can include exercise in your life:

1.    Get moving. Whether you are a stay at home parent, or you are working long hours at the office, try to find opportunities where you can stay active. If you need to buy something nearby, give the car a break and walk to the nearest store.  At work, try to use the stairs instead of the elevator, and use your coffee break to take short walks. If you can modify your usual habits, you can get more physical activity out of your day.

2.    Focus on quality and not quantity. Many individuals give up working out thinking that they could never allocate enough time for it. But many experts recommend that a total of 150 minutes of quality work out in a week can be beneficial for most individuals. If you goal is to exercise for 30 minutes each day, you may divide it into two 15 minute intervals. This can be good for beginners who may not want to feel too worn out with their exercise regimen. If your aim is weight loss, you may need to allocate more time for working out, but you can definitely split the time into manageable intervals.

3.    Set realistic goals. It can be easy to lose focus when you don’t have a particular goal to meet. Make achievable goals for yourself and try to focus on that first. Work on gradually increasing your exercise routine to your desired goal, and make sure that you record your progress. Although you may not see immediate results, it can give you a sense of achievement if you can meet short-term goals.

4.    Get everyone involved. Give up weekly trips to your favorite ice cream joint, and instead schedule fun physical activities for the entire family. There are healthier ways to bond like playing a well-loved sport, or by simply walking to the park with your kids. Make it exciting by getting your kids involved in the planning. Exercise should never be boring because there are plenty of activities that you can do that are not only good for you, but fun for the entire family as well.

5.    Stay committed. It is difficult to keep on exercising when you don’t get to see results right away.  Losing weight after having kids is never easy. And it may even be more difficult to lose the excess pounds if you don’t start to exercise the soonest time that you can. If you feel like giving up, remind yourself that healthy weight loss occurs gradually so try not to rush things.

One of the biggest challenges that many parents have to overcome is to maintain a healthy lifestyle after having kids. But with children around, many parents should be more convinced to exert an effort in staying healthy. If you can keep a regular exercise regimen, you may have a lower risk of developing serious health conditions like heart problems, osteoporosis and diabetes to name a few. While we are working exceptionally hard to secure the future of our kids, we should also exert an effort in making sure that we can see them live their dreams.