Kids love the sweetness and the fizz that comes with a soda. With trends moving towards being healthy and fit, parents try their best to give their kids better alternatives. However, many suffer with the problem that healthier does not suggest tastier. Now, there are solutions to this problem that will definitely make kids drink their favorite beverage while reaping the healthy benefits of it. Here are four alternatives that kids won’t stop craving for.

1.  Orange Juice. Orange juice is the best alternative to soda. It can help lower cholesterol levels and fight sore throats. It is also able to give a boost of energy for that morning rush to school or work. Orange juice also guards against heart disease with its antioxidants that fight inflammation.

2.  Smoothies and Juices. Homemade smoothies and juices are a great way to get kids to eat their daily servings of fruits and vitamins. These healthy alternatives do not have the dangerous preservatives and high fructose corn syrup found in sodas. In addition, there are many different types of flavors you can make with the various types of fruits available at the grocery stores. With sweet fruits and the thirst-quenching coolness of smoothies and fruit juices, kids will get the healthy treats they need.

3.  Crystal Light. Crystal Light is a very healthy alternative because of its calorie-free content and added health benefits. Crystal Light has added vitamins that give kids the energy they need to stay alert. There are many different flavors for all different taste buds. Kids love the sweet taste and the variation.

4.  Chocolate Milk. Milk does a body good. But some kids don’t enjoy the bland taste. But by adding chocolate to it makes it that much tastier for kids. A glass of skim chocolate milk gives kids the carbohydrates and proteins they need for their active lifestyles.

Kick the habit of disease-causing soda, and give your kids these healthier alternatives that they will love. These substitutes offer better health benefits and still have the sweet tastes that kids go for.