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By in Winner Announcements on 05 May 2008
  1. Johannah B Says:

    The Authorative (Democratic) Parent — I think it’s important for them to see the consequences of their behavior and to reap the rewards, or deal with the result. We have always been there for our kids — and advise them but always let them make the ultimate decision – Truthfully tho each child is so individual that this method is not always the best!
  2. Timothy Sternberg Says:

    Authorative Democratic Parent most resembles my parenting style.

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Kathy who commented on April 15 at 8:17 am: “To understand your parents’ love you must raise children yourself.”  — Chinese Proverb Shannon who commented on April 18th at 5:26 am: Hey! Here is my favorite quote- “The rules for parents are but three… love, limit, and let them be.” – Elaine M. Ward Congratulations!  Please contact us to […]

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Deana S. who confessed on April 24 at 7:40 am: “I fell asleep (I was working the graveyard shift) and forgot to pick up my son from a birthday party at a park. I awoke to police officers banging on my door telling me my son has been at the police station for almost 2 hours. Talk about […]

Bad Parenting Confessions Giveaway

About the product: One brand new girl’s 2-piece summer dress by Koala Kids. Size: 12 months. Retail Value: $11.99. Colors: Lime green with pink flowers. (If you don’t have a girl, it makes a great gift for someone who does) Are you eligible? You must have a valid email […]

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