Childbirth is a crucial time for both mother and child. But modern medical techniques and facilities has made the experience safer, and even more convenient for most women. With the help of technology, health care providers can already detect and identify possible pregnancy risks early on. Thus, pregnant women are now faced with several options on how they want their childbirth experience to unfold.

Alternative methods of childbirth are becoming more and more popular in this modern day and age. Although many women still perceive the hospital as the safest place to give birth, there are others who want to feel really comfortable and at home with their birth option.

But whether or not a woman would like to have a childbirth experience that she feels best, it will all depend upon the condition of her pregnancy. For women having high-risk pregnancies, the hospital may be their only option. To determine the method that will work best for you, work closely with your health care provider to ensure that you are not taking any unnecessary risks.

Some women would like to choose a birthing center over the other options available because of its homey atmosphere. It is also equipped with medications, intravenous fluids, oxygen, and even resuscitation equipment. However, the birth experience will be assisted by a certified nurse midwife and not by an obstetrician. The principle behind this approach is the belief that women are capable of giving birth the natural way. Thus, cesarean deliveries and deliveries requiring induction of labor is not possible in a birthing home.

If you like the idea of a birthing center, but you have safety concerns in mind, it may be good to check out a hospital birthing center. Although it still offers the same services to that of conventional birthing centers, the advantage is that you can easily have access to fetal monitoring, and other state of the art medical equipment when needed. This offers a home-like atmosphere during delivery, and at the same time it also provides assurance knowing that high-tech facilities are just a stone’s throw away.

Aside from these birthing locations, a woman may also choose from various methods of dealing with childbirth pain. Here are the most common techniques being used today:

Silent Birth – We may associate this birth method with celebrities who have chosen this as part of their birthing option. The idea is to bring the baby into a peaceful environment. There are already modern variations to the technique and some methods already allow women to make some noise. However, the noise in the environment is still controlled to ensure that a baby is delivered in a quiet and calm setting.

Hypnobirth – This technique is based on self-hypnosis. Although it also has some believers, many women end up asking for pain relievers to alleviate the discomfort. If you choose this method, make sure that you make an informed decision by seeking your doctor’s opinion. Generally, women prepare months before their scheduled delivery date to master the technique.

Water Birth – A water birth is favored by some women because it promotes relaxation, and it also allows more movement during the entire process. The water is likened to the amniotic fluid, which is part of a baby’s secured environment in the womb. It is believed that birth trauma is reduced thereby giving a baby a healthier start at life.

Another popular approach being used today is the use of doulas or professional birthing coaches. It is not actually a childbirth technique, but many women have included it in their birth plans. Generally, a doula provides physical and emotional support during the birthing process. They are around to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly for women. Their goal is to promote comfort and not to assist in any medical aspect of the birthing process.

Although there are already several birthing options today, it is best to allow your health care provider to guide you in making a decision. At a time when your safety should be on top of the list, it is best to forego alternative methods when necessary.