What to Do if Your Child Doesn’t Want to Go to School

By in Parenting on 20 September 2010

School is a necessary part of a growing child’s life. It’s like a second home for them since they spend a lot of time there. Children have different attitudes toward school. Many children leave home without a fuss because they enjoy going there. But no matter how fun school may seem, some children refuse to go.

Sending off a child to school is a daily routine. It’s hard to get through the day when a child is uncooperative to go. There are many reasons why a child doesn’t want to go to school. Here are some solutions to the common problems:

  • Lack of sleep – A good night’s rest is important to keep a child alert for school activities. When your child has difficulty getting out of bed, it may be because she did not get enough sleep. A balanced diet and consistent schedule will help a child achieve her complete night-time rest.
  • Illness – A child often complains about a physical discomfort when she doesn’t want to go to school. Give her the benefit of the doubt, especially when the excuse becomes frequent, by setting an appointment with her doctor. Then you can be sure that those tummy aches are really nothing serious.
  • Separation Anxiety – Kindergarteners on their first year usually have this problem. Being away from home for the first time is stressful for them. The best way to ease separation anxiety is to prepare the child for what’s coming ahead. Talk to your kid about school and let her know how wonderful it is to go there. Watch movies or read books that show children in school.
  • Bullying – One reason why a child refuses to go to school is fear. Social circles in school often include a bully. Sometimes, a child may also feel bullied by a teacher. Talk to your kid and find out why she is scared to go to school. If she won’t tell, then ask the teacher how your child is doing.
  • Problem at home – Personal problems may cause anxiety and thus make a child not want to go to school. Problems at home include moving to another city, parents separating and death in the family. A child may feel embarrassed to go to school because she might be the topic of conversation. Help your child overcome her insecurity by providing a loving environment in spite of the ongoing family problem.
  • Learning problem – A child may lose interest in going to school when she cannot catch up with school work. If the teacher confirms that your child indeed has difficulty learning, take steps in order to fix the problem. You may help your child study at home or get her a tutor. On the contrary, a child may be too smart for the classes she is attending and therefore gets bored with school. In that case, you may need to get her evaluated for acceleration.

A good attitude towards school is what we want our children to have. Help your child out by giving her a nudge when she doesn’t want to go to school.


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