Ways To Help Your Baby Cope With Immunization Pains

By in Parenting on 10 November 2011

A doctor’s appointment makes up one of the most stressful days for a newborn. A monthly visit to the doctor is critical during the first six months of a baby’s life. Aside from the regular monitory check-up, his scheduled immunization shot is also administered that day. These painful shots can cause a baby to get upset, and it can last until after you leave the doctor’s office.

Since babies are too young to voice out their feelings, it’s important for parents to soothe their child after this temporary trauma. Parents must understand that each child may react differently after getting a vaccine injection. The child before yours may have only cried for two minutes, but it doesn’t mean that your child is a weakling if she cries longer than that. Give your child a big comforting hug after the doctor is done with the procedure. Making your child feel secure after a bad experience can help her calm down.

It may also help if you gently massage the injection site right after the procedure, to help diffuse the concentrated medicine faster and prevent a muscle lump. A muscle lump is a common mild side effect of vaccine shots. The DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and acellular Pertussis booster) vaccine is particularly known to cause a bump at the puncture site. It should not be a cause of alarm as long as it does not seem to bother the baby. If the injection wound is reddish from swelling, or if it looks infected, you must contact her doctor immediately.

The mere sight of a syringe needle can make an adult cringe, so stay close to your child at the time of injection, to help minimize her fears. As much as possible, allow only one shot per visit because multiple puncture wounds would mean more pain for your child. Most vaccines are already bundled together in one ampule anyway, to lessen the overall load of immunizations.

Each type of vaccine has a different set of possible side effects. It’s important to discuss these possible side effects with the doctor, so you can be ready with its remedies back at home. One common side effect is fever, so having a baby paracetamol on hand is helpful in case your baby comes down with it in the middle of the night. Other side effects such as rashes or vomiting should also be observed, in case it requires further treatment.

Immunization pains generally do not last for more than a week. Despite your baby’s vulnerable age, you might be surprised at how quickly she can recover from one vaccine shot to another. Just an FYI: parental affection plays a significant role in it.


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