A child’s academic development depends largely on parental involvement and support. Education takes place not only in the classroom, but also at home. Aside from effective studying skills, having a good study environment can help increase learning efficiency for your student.

Good academic performance contributes to a better and brighter future for your child. Making the home conducive to learning is easy. Here are some ways how:

1. Create a learning environment by providing a well-lit area free of distraction. Fill up a study table with essential study materials such as pencils, paper and books. Also invest in other learning materials like posters, educational toys and videos to help your child develop a culture of learning.

2. Make reading a daily habit. A lot of reading is required in learning, so it is best to get your child interested in reading. Practice reading everyday to help your child develop his reading skills. Your kid will also expand his vocabulary and knowledge by reading about different interesting topics everyday.

3. Encourage your child to do his homework with little help. Guide your kid with his studies and make sure he does his assignments with only your minimum participation. This will allow him to develop research skills and reinforce what he learned in the classroom. Responsibility in school prepares your child for real-life responsibilities when he grows up.

4. Become a good example by showing to your child that education is important. Don’t get caught watching too much TV or playing videogames for long hours. Be on time when waking up for work or school and sleep early. Ensure that older siblings become a good example as well.

5. Talk to your child about school. Tell him about your own educational journey and how it helped you in your career. Ask him about his day and the new things he learned every time he comes home from school. Your kid may be inspired to do better in school when he knows you are interested in his studies.

6. Shower your child with TLC. Tender loving care is important for a learning child. Create a positive environment at home by serving healthy meals, having ample bonding time and getting enough rest. Always be present on school events and reward your child for his achievements. Be supportive of your child’s ambitions to help keep him motivated.

Creating a good study environment at home for your child is a good way to keep your child’s interest in education alive. Parental involvement contributes a lot to a child’s success in school.