You may have heard about the ‘perfect marriage’ but experts will tell you it simply doesn’t exist. At some point in your marriage, there will likely be problems. It’s inevitable. When problems come you may be scrambling for tips to restore harmony in your marriage. Try some of these and see if they help.

It’s not unusual for couples to have problems after they’ve been married for a while. Once they’re spending the majority of their time with their spouse, they may learn that they don’t have as much in common as they thought. They may also become resentful because they’re not able to spend time with friends like they did before marriage.

Marriages go through cycles. When you’re first married and in the honeymoon stage, things are perfect until reality sets in. There are work schedules to deal with, then come children, buying a home, or other things which can be stressful.

You may have disagreements about anything and everything which could lead you to wonder why you got married. Words may be exchanged which are hurtful and make you feel unloved. If this is what you’re going through right now, don’t despair. You can restore harmony in your marriage if that’s what you truly want.

  • Think back to before you got married. What attracted you to your partner in the first place? Think about the things you did, the places you went and how you felt. There must be something of those feelings left even if you have to dig around to bring them back to the surface. Be sure you let your partner know you’re still interested in them even if things may seem tense between you.
  • Ask someone to take care of the children and go out, just the two of you. Grandpa and Grandma or an aunt or uncle would probably be glad for some extra time with the kiddos, so you may even be able to get childcare for free. If possible, plan to go out a minimum of once a month. Once every two weeks would be even better and every week would be optimum.
  • Instead of half-heartedly listening to your partner, truly pay attention to what they have to say. They may be trying to tell you about something that’s important to them. Marriage experts say for a marriage to thrive respect and love must be nurtured. If you can both remember these basic needs, and work toward them, harmony is a possibility.
  • Men may want to think about the things they did when you were dating. Repeat some of those things and you both may find your old feelings, as well as a renewed sense of commitment, come flooding back.

Perfect marriages don’t exist no matter how much everyone would like to think they do. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the best marriage possible. Use some of these tips to restore harmony to your marriage. If they don’t work, don’t forget to seek professional help as it may really help.