Tips on How to Host a Fun Dance Party for Children

By in Fun & Games on 26 May 2010

Children, especially young children, love to dance and move. Do you have a toddler or preschooler having a birthday soon? Here are some tips on how to host a fun dance party for children.

Start with the guest list. Ask your child who they’d like to attend. Some party experts recommend one guest for each year of your child’s life. If your child is very young, this is probably a good rule of thumb.

Set the stage by decorating with bright, cheerful colors. If you have a disco ball and flashing lights, dig them out to lend credence to the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Go through your child’s favorite music or purchase something new which the children are familiar with and are apt to move to.

Prepare foods you know your child and their friends will eat. Pizza bagels are a great option so each child can have their own personal pizza. You may also want to provide baby carrots and fruit such as grapes or apple slices. Don’t forget the birthday cake or cupcakes decorated with musical notes to keep with the theme of the party. Provide milk or juice boxes for the children when they get thirsty.

Play fun musical games to get the children moving. Limbo under a stick or freeze dance. What? You’ve never heard of freeze dance? Play music and let the children dance to their heart’s content. Instead of just freezing when the music stops, have them freeze into a shape associated with birthday parties such as a candle, party hat, or balloon.

You can still host a fun dance party even if your children are older, but you may want to choose different music. Parents may or may not be shocked about the type of dancing done these days. Some seems downright vulgar so you may want to ask your teen to have a decade-themed party.

Ask your teen to look through old records, cassette or 8-track tapes you still have to get an idea of what music they may want to play during their party. Of course, unless you still have the equipment to play them on, you may have to buy copies of the same songs on a newer format.

Suggest the teens dress up accordingly to add to the fun of the party. Give a prize to the teen that comes in the most accurate costume. However, instead of giving them a prize associated with the theme, give them something they’ll enjoy like a coupon for a CD of their choice.

Prepare plenty of food since teens can be big eaters. If you can think of popular foods of that time period, it will work well with the party theme. Try to find decorations to match the decade theme, as well.

For a teen party, you’ll want to have rules set such as no drugs, no alcohol, and no couples pairing off and disappearing. To help your teen feel like a grown-up, stay out of their way as much as you can but let your teen know you’re close by if you’re needed.

Follow these tips on how to host a fun dance party for children of all ages. Using the same basic ideas, you can have a party your child will enjoy no matter what age they are. And since you know children love to move, you’ll provide them with a great party.


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