What You Need To Know About "earth day"

Paper vs Plastic? Or Cotton vs Canvas?

Posted on 18 April 2008 by Judy Sommers

5 Things You Can Do With Your Old Newspapers

Posted on 09 April 2008 by Judy Sommers

Baby Greens and Baby Garden

Posted on 06 April 2008 by Cathy Ley

Recycling: A Fun Activity for Kids

Posted on 05 April 2008 by Judy Sommers

The Trash Can Game: Teaching Your Kids to Reduce Trash

Posted on 04 April 2008 by Judy Sommers

Why Organic Cotton?

Posted on 03 April 2008 by Judy Sommers

Reducing Your Energy Costs

Posted on 02 April 2008 by Judy Sommers


Low Cost Green Halloween Costume Ideas

When you’re searching for green costume ideas for Halloween, there are a couple of different approaches you can take.  You can choose a green, or earth friendly theme.  Or you can choose organic or eco-friendly materials to make your costume from.  Here are a few ideas from each category. Some of the most obvious green themes […]

Go Green Without Breaking Your Piggy Bank

What are some of the ways in which you can go “greener” without breaking your budget? Here are a few suggestions. […]

4 Tips On How You Can Get Your Kids To Go Green

The attitude of kids towards the environment is largely influenced by how they are taught to value nature’s diminishing resources. In getting them to go green, you really don’t have to discuss greenhouse gases and climate change by the book because it will never get them genuinely interested. Here are a few tips on how […]

How to Enjoy Earth Hour With Your Family

Earth Hour is an international awareness campaign advocated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Households and businesses are encouraged to turn their lights off for one hour – the Earth Hour – to raise awareness and show support towards combating global climate change. The Earth Hour concept started in Australia in 2007, and […]

Finding Cool Back-to-School Clothing on a Budget

Shopping for school clothes can get expensive quickly; that is, unless you know where to shop for bargains. Children, especially teens, are into brand-name clothing that can be quite pricey. Shopping at outlet stores can ease up on your budget without sacrificing your teen’s wants. There is also the opportunity to make your children’s clothing if […]

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