Stress is something nearly everyone has to deal with. You may not be able to do much about the things stressing you, but can you do something to help the senior citizens in your life? What stress management techniques for seniors can you pass along to help them?

Even though most seniors already know it, you may want to help them remember that managing stress is simply taking charge of the things in your life that you can control. This may mean managing a schedule that seems to have gotten out of control. It could also mean being sure to strive for balance in life rather than letting life run you ragged.

Help them identify what the stressors are in their life. Are they concerned about having enough money to live off of in their golden years? Can you go with them to speak with a financial advisor? They may be able to subdue some of the fears which are causing so much stress.

Are the seniors in your life stressed about their health? Go with them to their next doctor’s appointment and discuss their concerns with the doctor. They will likely be able to address those concerns or recommend they visit a specialist who can better help them. Their doctor may suggest they spend time with a psychologist to help them deal with the stressors they experience.

Suggest they take yoga classes to help them manage their stress. Yoga will teach them to improve their posture, learn to breathe properly, and may help them become more limber. Another benefit to learning yoga is that it helps the body relax, which means they’ll learn to manage the stress they feel.

Meditation is another stress management technique seniors may want to try. Once they learn to meditate, they will find their heart rate slows, their blood pressure lowers, and they’ll be taking in more oxygen. All of these things lead seniors to manage their stress in a more effective way.

Have you always liked to put together jigsaw puzzles? There’s something very relaxing about putting puzzles together. They can concentrate on the puzzle alone which may make the stress seniors feel less of a problem.

Suggest they stay away from people who cause them stress. Perhaps they have a neighbor that bothers them and wants to borrow tools all the time. They can learn to say ‘no’ when a request is made, or simply refuse to answer the door. If they’re able to avoid the stressor they won’t be affected by it.

They may want to downsize their home. Even though your parents may have lived in the same home their entire married life, if they’re in a two-story home and neither can climb stairs very well, it might be time to move to a one-floor home. The thoughts of moving may cause stress, especially if they have years of accumulated things, but they may feel a sense of freedom once they’re in a new, smaller home.

No one wants to be affected by stress, particularly when they’re supposed to be headed to their golden years. There are many stress management techniques for seniors to try. Encourage them to try several methods until they find the one that’s best for them.