Pregnancy weight can effectively be shed post-partum with regular exercise. Getting back in shape has never been so easy with a variety of postnatal workouts to fit every mom. Here are some modern exercise methods you can try. Consult your physician before starting any exercise program.

Belly dancing

Apart from being a great prenatal exercise, belly dancing is also a helpful post-partum workout. Movements concentrated in the abdomen will surely minimize the baby paunch. Its gentle hip motions help strengthen and tone the pelvic muscles which may have been damaged from giving birth.

The sexy nature of the belly dancing makes many women feel more confident and secure with their bodies. A lot of new moms could use that emotional workout to bounce back from post partum depression.

Postnatal belly dancing is generally okay for mothers at least 6 weeks after giving a normal birth, or 12 weeks after a c-section delivery. Check your local belly dancing studio if they offer postnatal belly dance classes.

Pole dancing

If you’re in the eye out for an interesting workout, try pole dancing! Pole dancing is an awesome postpartum exercise because it works the whole body. It helps increase tone and flexibility, especially on the upper body. You can do some simple spins and slides in the beginning and then later move on to advanced moves involving self lifts.

Pole dancing moves have a sexual element in them that may also help moms regain their confidence and recover from postpartum depression. You’re also bound to have some good laughs from learning the craft.

Although dancing poles can be bought here or from catalogs, the exercise must be done under the supervision of an instructor to prevent serious injury. Learn the art of pole dancing in a dance studio or from an instructional DVD. You can purchase a grip powder to help prevent slipping on the pole. You can try pole dancing at least 3 weeks after giving birth.

Baby yoga

Yoga is known to help improve posture and inner balance through poses and breathing. Baby yoga is somewhat similar – with your baby joining you, instead of doing the routine on your own. Baby yoga is a relaxing and fun way to connect with your baby. This low impact exercise is great for postnatal recovery. The routines might get messed up at times (when the child is uncooperative) but it’s all part of your bonding experience.

Many yoga centers offer baby yoga classes. If you can’t find one in your city, you can purchase an instructional book or DVD instead. You can try baby yoga on babies as young as 6 weeks. Depending on your baby’s temperament, you may want to try different poses to see what your baby is comfortable with.

Stroller exercise

If you think the stroller walks with your baby needs a little energy, then the stroller workout is for you. A jogger stroller (the ones with big wheels) is needed for this workout. In addition to jogging, moms are free to make up their own exercise moves while spending time outdoors with their baby.

Stroller exercise is an effective way to break some sweat and shape up. You can basically do cardio and resistance exercises without having to hit the gym. The only downside to this is that you are limited to indoor routines when it’s raining outside.

You can watch Sarah Holliday’s Stroller Workout DVD to get started. You can also join stroller exercise groups such as Stroller Stride and StrollerFit if you want a structured program.

Postpartum fitness is something every mom should take interest in. Getting back in shape is just one aspect of engaging in postnatal workouts. Mind and body health is important in raising a family. New friends and mommy connections you’ll make in fitness classes are also a plus.