Planning Your Child’s First Birthday Party

By in Fun & Games, Parenting on 22 August 2008

You have survived the first 11 months of motherhood and now you’re ready to plan your child’s first birthday party. It’s an exciting time for everyone, especially you and your spouse. Planning a fun 1st Birthday is definitely something to look forward to. But we can all get so caught in the planning that we can forget about a few important things.

Your Guest List. Don’t forget that most of the guests will be adults. So when you are ordering food, or planning games, try to be a little accomodating. Also keep in mind that some children may have certain food allergies so it might be a good idea to ask the parents if their kids have any allergies. The last thing you want to happen is to end the party early because your friend’s child had to rush to the hospital for eating something he is allergic to.

Timing. Try not to plan a party in the midst of your child’s nap time. He may be a cranky little guy because he’s still tired. Even worse, pictures of a little guy wearing his 1st Birthday party hat with a grouchy face.

Duration. Keep it short and sweet. There is no need for an all day party. It will not only wear you out, but it will also overstimulate your 1 year old. Keep the party to a two hour party if possible. If people are still lingering at the two hour mark, it might be rude to ask them to leave. So try handing out a schedue of events. This will let them know that the party is over after the kids play one last round of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Ask for Help. Think about it. You’re playing host and still being the parent. Ask someone you trust to lend you a helping hand during the party, even if it’s taking the coats from your guests as they walk in.

Commemorate and Document. It’s a special day. Buy a few 1st Birthday Bibs, T Shirts, or picture frame. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures. Ask a trusted friend or family to help you take pictures if you’re busy entertaining. That way, you can be in some of the fun pictures.

Surving the first year of motherhood isn’t considered “surving” until you have survived your child’s very 1st Birthday! No matter what, all you have to remember is to enjoy the party.


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