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Maternity Fashion Secrets You Must Know

Posted on 07 March 2011 in Pregnancy & Labor

Pregnancy and fashion don’t often come up in the same sentence. The same thing seems to go in the real world. A baby bump can be hard to work around with using only your ordinary clothes. A woman’s body gets at least one size bigger during pregnancy, including the feet. It would be nice to […]

What To Do When Your Child Starts Swearing

Posted on 02 March 2011 in Parenting

At the height of your emotions, do you end up swearing in front of your kids? And when you unexpectedly lose all control and say the forbidden word, do you owe up to your mistake or do you just pretend as if nothing happened? If the situation were reversed, how would you feel if your […]

4 Tips On How You Can Get Your Kids To Go Green

Posted on 28 February 2011 in Green Talk

The attitude of kids towards the environment is largely influenced by how they are taught to value nature’s diminishing resources. In getting them to go green, you really don’t have to discuss greenhouse gases and climate change by the book because it will never get them genuinely interested. Here are a few tips on how […]

5 Tips On How To Look And Feel Good During Pregnancy

Posted on 24 February 2011 in Pregnancy & Labor

The first few weeks of pregnancy can go by very quickly. With many family and friends sharing the joy of expecting a new addition to the family, even the most bothersome symptoms can somehow seem tolerable. But as pregnancy progresses and you become heavier and the days seem to drag by endlessly, you can become […]

5 Easy Ways To Limit Screen Time At Home

Posted on 21 February 2011 in Parenting

If your TV is the most used appliance at home, you may have unknowingly tolerated your kids to get too much screen time. But for many kids, the fun does not end there because with today’s advancement in technology, kids no longer see the need to head outdoors to experience the fun and thrill of […]

5 Tips On How To Deal With Bedroom Boredom

Posted on 14 February 2011 in Relationships

If you’ve been together for so long and you’ve allowed yourself to just get caught in the routine of everyday life, then chances are you may have also neglected nurturing your relationship to the point of boredom. And if the notion of time alone with your partner no longer excites you, it may already indicate […]

5 Tips On How To Be A Stylish Mom

Posted on 11 February 2011 in Life and Time Management

From cooking meals to meeting deadlines at the office and helping kids with their homework, there seems to be a plethora of tasks that need to be done by mothers on a daily basis. At times when our role as a parent and as a wife becomes too overwhelming, we let it consume us. We […]

6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Posted on 07 February 2011 in Relationships

If you have spent the last couple of years eating out and doing the very same thing on Valentine’s day, it may be high time to do some experimenting so that you can get the excitement back on what is dubbed as the sweetest time of the year. Valentine’s Day has long been celebrated as […]

6 Prom Safety Tips For Parents

Posted on 04 February 2011 in Parenting

Teens look forward to their proms for a night of style, socializing, and unbridled fun. But behind the glitz and glamour are risks that have long been associated with prom nights. Risky behaviors such as driving under the influence, unprotected sex, and other prom-related incidents are just among the most common worries that parents stress […]

5 Tips On How To Deal With Financial Infidelity

Posted on 28 January 2011 in Money Matter$

When it comes to money issues, lying can not only get you into a financial rut, but it can also cause havoc in your relationship. Whether it’s a small splurge or a purchase big enough to instigate drastic changes in your family’s finances, you need to keep your partner informed. But staying truthful can be […]

5 Tips On How To Deal With Twin Sibling Rivalry

Posted on 27 January 2011 in Parenting

If there’s one thing that aptly describes the atmosphere at my brother’s house, it’s chaos. Being parents to toddler twins, there isn’t a day that would pass when the kids would not get into some kind of conflict. From wanting to play with the very same toy to seeking attention, they would always find ways […]

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What You Need To Know About The Birth Control Patch

If you feel that taking birth control pills on a daily basis is such a hassle, perhaps it’s worth considering the use of a birth control patch. For some women, this birth control option may not be too appealing because they are concerned whether it is really as effective in preventing pregnancy as compared to […]

7 Most Common Troubling Myths About Contraception

Despite massive campaigns by different health sectors in the government regarding contraceptive methods, many women are still reluctant to respond the call.  The choices are many and each of these methods is carefully studied; their advantages and disadvantages well elucidated. Yet, what’s troubling most women is not the scientific implication of contraceptive use, rather the […]

Which Birth Control Method Is Best For Me?

There are a lot of birth control methods available for couples to choose from. All these methods allow a woman or a couple to decide whether or when to have a child. There is no such thing as an ideal contraceptive because all of them have side effects. One important thing though, in choosing which birth […]

What You Need To Know About The IUD

One of the most popular and effective birth control methods today is the use of an IUD or an intrauterine device. It is a T-shaped plastic device that is inserted into a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. There are two types of IUDs that are available in the United States – hormonal IUD and copper […]

Weight Gain and Pregnancy: Not Always a Good Mixture

Because I am the only girl among the three siblings, I had the luxury of being tagged along by my mother everytime she goes shopping. I remember when I was still single I used to be very conservative.  I’d shy away from fashionable dresses that expose so much of my skin and those that fit a […]


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