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Healthy Ways to Kickstart your Day

Posted on 28 July 2010 in Food & Nutrition

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It refuels the body after a long night’s rest and provides energy for the work that lay ahead. Eating breakfast helps improve concentration, reduces the urge to snack and regulates the blood sugar level, among other benefits. No matter how fast-paced the beginning of the day […]

How to Show Off Your Children’s Art Work in Your Home

Posted on 28 July 2010 in Fun & Games

As children grow up they look for different avenues to express their thoughts and creativity. The most common route for children to express their creativity is to create artwork. Artwork comes in various forms and can be paintings, drawings, sculptures and more. As the artwork becomes plentiful, it can be challenging to display it around […]

Theme Park Safety Tips

Posted on 27 July 2010 in Health & Safety

One popular vacation destination families look forward to is going to a theme park. If your family is headed to one of these parks, it helps to be aware of the following theme park safety tips. This can enable your family to have a great time and worry less about someone being injured or lost. […]

Why Soft Drinks Are Bad for Our Health

Posted on 26 July 2010 in Food & Nutrition

With the emphasis on being healthy in recent years, soft drinks are coming under attack. Recent research has indicated the problems of soft drinks; in fact, there are many reasons why they are bad for our health. Here are just a few of the many reasons you may want to avoid drinking soft drinks from […]

10 Non-Animated Movies to Watch with Your Preteen

Posted on 25 July 2010 in Fun & Games

Parents are normally in charge of renting movies for their children. Movies are either rated GP or PG-13, so choosing a good film for preteen kids can be a challenge. Preteens are in an awkward position when it comes to movie ratings. Pre-teens or tweens fall in between those demographics – too old for cartoons […]

What You Need to Know about Swimming in Oceans

Posted on 24 July 2010 in Health & Safety

Vacation time is just around the corner. Before long, people will be making their way to the beach for fun in the sun. If you’re going to spend time at the beach, here’s what you need to know about swimming in oceans. Following these tips could make or break your vacation. Be aware of where […]

Building Your Own Rabbit Hutch in Easy Steps

Posted on 23 July 2010 in Pets

Do you have a pet rabbit? If you do, you probably have a cage to keep it in. You may want to try building your own rabbit hutch by following these instructions. Obviously you’re not going to leave your rabbit outdoors to allow it to dig a burrow to live in. Instead, you can create […]

How to Protect Your Dog from Summer Heat

Posted on 22 July 2010 in Pets

People love their pets and many treat them more like children than animals. If you have a dog, the summer months are the perfect time to take it with you on vacation, to the beach or to the park. Here’s how to protect your dog from summer heat, whether in the backyard or away from […]

How to Improve Your Child’s Swimming

Posted on 21 July 2010 in Health & Safety

Swimming is a wonderful summertime activity. It is fun as well as being great exercise. Unfortunately, not all children know how to swim well. Here are some ideas on how to improve your child’s swimming this summer. If you’re not comfortable in the water, your children might not be either. It is important for everyone […]

Tropical Fish for Beginners

Posted on 20 July 2010 in Pets

Many people prefer to have cats or dogs for pets because they can return affection. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in their own home; they have landlords which restricts their ability to have certain pets. For those people who would love a pet but can’t have a dog or cat, here’s a tropical fish for beginners […]

Top Summer Nutrition Tips for the Whole Family

Posted on 19 July 2010 in Food & Nutrition

It is so much easier to try to be healthy during the summer than in the winter. Try some of the top summer nutrition tips for the whole family and see if you don’t lose weight and feel better. Of course, the trick is maintaining the loss when the cooler weather returns. Use the summer […]

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Tropical Fish for Beginners

Many people prefer to have cats or dogs for pets because they can return affection. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in their own home; they have landlords which restricts their ability to have certain pets. For those people who would love a pet but can’t have a dog or cat, here’s a tropical fish for beginners […]

Garden Pond Maintenance 101

Many people have installed garden ponds at their homes. They add interest to the garden, encourage wildlife to visit the garden, and provide a place for peace and contemplation. Using these garden pond maintenance 101 tips, it won’t be long before your pond is ready for spring’s visitors. Ponds require regular maintenance. The better care you […]

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heater Systems

Tankless water heaters have been used for some time in Japan and parts of Europe. They are a relatively new concept in the U.S., where conventional water heaters are the norm. Tankless systems use heating elements to heat the water as it passes over them. There is no holding tank or reservoir of hot water. There […]

9 Practical Household Uses for Charcoal

You probably have a bag of charcoal sitting in your tool shed, not knowing exactly what to do with it. It may be leftover firewood or barbecue fuel you haven’t gotten rid of. It’s fascinating to know that this black, high-carbon, porous material has many wonderful uses. Here are some ways to use charcoal around […]

Healthy Home-Made Dog Treats

There are lots of advantages to making your own dog treats; they’re healthier and you can customize the ingredients, for example. Once you get the hang of it, you can create your own healthy dog treat recipes. Just be sure to avoid chocolate, grapes, walnuts, and raisins. Here are some recipe ideas to get you started. 1. […]


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