Natural Halloween Makeup

By in Halloween on 10 October 2009

Using makeup can be a fun, creative and easy way to dress up for Halloween.  You can add it to enhance a costume, or wear it alone to create a character.  Go crazy and create monsters, vampires, fantasy figures or sports team fans.  And it only takes a few extra steps to make sure that your scary or funny make up is eco-friendly, too.

If you buy a makeup kit, look for non-toxic and water soluble ingredients.   Steer clear of kits that either do not list the ingredients on the labels or have a lengthy printout of unpronounceable chemicals on the package.  Many toxins can be absorbed through the skin, so if you see an ingredient listed that you are not sure of, or that you absolutely know that you would not eat (like lead), don’t put it on your skin either.

Water soluble ingredients are easier to wash off at the end of the trick or treating adventure or after the Halloween party.  You won’t need to scrub, and you won’t be leaving any residue behind.  If you do use oil-based makeup, pay attention to the type of oil that is used.  Mineral oils are harsher on your skin than plant based oils.  But plant based oils can cause allergic reactions in some people.  For example, if you are allergic to apricots, avoid anything made with apricot kernel oil.

If you want to be especially green with your make up kit purchase, buy a product that uses minimal or biodegradable packaging that does not create trash that contributes to the landfill.  Or at least make sure you recycle the packaging if possible.

And don’t forget to treat yourself to natural cleansers and lotions when its time to take the make up off.  Your skin deserves a reward for all the time it had to spend not being able to breathe underneath that blue and silver Star Trek alien makeup.

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