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Making sure your baby or toddler receives adequate care is priority number one for most new moms. Some moms will not even leave their babies for the first few years to ensure that this adequate care is given. However, a majority of moms need a break and a little time to spend alone with their husband once in a while. For this reason, we have compiled a few tips you should consider when choosing a baby sitter for your child.

Use A Close Family Member Or Friend Whenever Possible

When it comes to the care of your small child, you want someone that you can trust. One thing about having a close family member baby sit is that, since they love your child almost as much as you do, they will provide the best care. Anyone can baby sit your child, but it is better to leave them with someone who can provide some of the same love, support, and nurturing that you do. Plus your child will be comfortable around this person if they see them often.

If You Must Use A Stranger, Be Sure To Contact References

You need to ensure that you leave your child with someone who has taken care of other children around the same age and that the parents were happy with the quality of care that was given. It is important that you contact more than one reference and that you are confident that they are true contacts, not a friend posing as a past client.

Pick Quality Over Price

The more baby sitters that you have to choose from, the more it is likely that you will find someone who fits all of your needs and the needs of you child. However, if you have limited options and are stuck between getting a sitter with numerous quality references or someone who will work for cheap, always dish out the extra money. Anything can happen while you are away and you need someone with experience to ensure that your child will be as safe as possible. This includes paying more for a sitter that has CPR certifications or has had experience in childcare centers or pre-schools.

In conclusion, it is good to always use a nanny cam if you have hired a sitter that is not a close and trusted friend or family member. Even if the sitter has numerous quality references, a nanny cam is still a good idea if you have the means to set one up. No matter how sweet or innocent the person looks, it does not always ensure that they will treat your child the way that you expect.

Nanny cams come in all shapes and forms – they can be disguised as a clock, a wall socket, a radio, etc.

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