Mother’s day is the perfect day to give recognition to every mom’s hard work.  First time moms have particularly gone (or are going) through a lot – giving birth, caring for a newborn and keeping a family together. All the while giving up her career as a stay-at-home mom or juggling both roles together.

With all the jobs entailed in motherhood, a new mom may not have time to pamper herself and do things for her own. On mother’s day, show a new mom you know how well her efforts are appreciated. Spoil her with these gift ideas.

Exclusively for mom

Most will not admit it, but motherhood newcomers miss their old lifestyle. Take her out to talk and dine over dinner. If there is no one to babysit, have her take her baby to lunch or even just for coffee. She will surely enjoy a few hours of adult conversation. Get her something new – a purse, shoes or a piece of clothing. Shopping for her baby always comes first, so receiving something for herself will be a treasure. A gift card from her favorite store will suffice if you are not sure what item to give her.

Send her to the spa for some pampering or get her a home massage gift certificate. Mothers will not say no to a few hours of relaxation and beautification. If you are low on budget, put together a nice beauty or spa gift basket. Buy some candles, scented soap, fragrant oils, bath salt, lotion, and others that you think she might want, then arrange them in a basket with ribbons or wrap them in a box. Throw in a card and a flower bouquet with it.

A gift of gym or yoga membership is nice but may not be taken well. Neglected physical appearance, especially weight gained from pregnancy, is something a new mom doesn’t want to be reminded of. If you feel that she might be offended by a gift like that, then consider giving her a subtle alternative. A jogging stroller or a backpack carrier will motivate her to get back into shape without your direct influence.

Mommy and baby

A new mom will be delighted to celebrate mother’s day but may feel guilty taking the spotlight from her child. Give her a gift that will be useful for her day-to-day parenting chores. A designer diaper bag is stylish and functional. Going out with baby won’t look like she brought the nursery with her.

Anything that keeps a baby busy like a baby gym, bouncer or swing will be useful. These can spare her some time to do other things. Simple items like a framed family photo or matching t-shirts are also nice. If you have the funds, why not get her a photo package from a professional photo studio? She can have a family portrait done or just some intimate shots of her baby.

Gifts of gesture

The gift of time is priceless for a first time mother. Managing different tasks can get her exhausted. Surprise her with home-cooked food, or offer to do the cooking for one day. Don’t forget to include dishwashing afterward to buy her more time in the shower. A little housework help like doing the laundry will give her precious time for a nap.

A hired cleaner to do deep cleaning is, without a doubt, most welcome. Only then can she take her mind off the greasy garage or the cabinet under the sink. A new mom will appreciate all the help she can even if she doesn’t ask for it. If you are a sibling or a close friend who lives nearby, offer to stay one night to tend to her child so she can have a complete night’s sleep. You can also send her a trusted babysitter to look after her baby for a few hours while she spends time for herself (shopping or going out on a date with daddy).

Making coupons out of these intangible gifts is a good way to present them on mother’s day. Print out several coupons she can use for a whole year. If you live far away, an unhurried phone call is more valuable than an email.

Mother’s day may not be a big holiday, but it is a great time to show how much a mom is valued and make her feel that her hard work is not taken for granted.