Baby showers have become more creative and modern these days. The party host must exert extra effort to come up with a unique party theme, food and exciting games. As a guest, you are in charge of delighting and impressing the expectant mother by giving her a wonderful gift.

Choosing a baby shower gift can be hard if the mom-to-be didn’t sign up for a baby shower registry.  Here are some suggestions if you’re looking for ideas:

  1. Memory makers. The stamp pad foot print from the hospital doesn’t cut it anymore. These days you can buy hand and foot print kits, so parents can preserve their baby’s tiny appendages in print or stone (casting). Belly cast kits for mommies will also make fun gifts especially for first-timers.
  2. Diapers. All babies need diapers, period. But instead of just wrapping a box of diapers as your gift, turn it into a diaper cake or wreath. Diaper cakes make an eye-catching centerpiece, while diaper wreaths announce a baby’s coming. Either of the two will look good in the baby shower party and in the baby’s nursery. A simple web search will yield tutorials on how to make them. You can also buy them ready-made.
  3. Designer baby gear. Nowadays, designer items are no longer exclusive to adults. Designer baby items are becoming popular, from Dior baby bottles, Kate Spade diaper bags to Cynthia Rowley Pampers diapers. Modern parents will be thrilled to receive stylish baby gear like slings, beddings and even furniture.
  4. Baby layette. Blues and pinks could use a little sprucing up. Baby clothes and accessories can now be bought with modern prints and more experimental colors. You can also give a monogrammed baby layette (use the last name to be sure). Visit craft bazaars or check out sites like and eBay for unique finds.
  5. Nursery. Picture frames and stuffed toys are too common and generic. If you want to give something for the nursery, consider funky wall decals and cute night lights. For utility, a good changing table organizer or educational toys would make excellent gifts.
  6. Gag gifts. Funny gifts never go out of style. A copy of ‘Parenting for Dummies’ or statement clothing – onesies or maternity tops printed with funny statements – are cool to receive. To get the laughter rolling, give gag gifts for dad like an apron for cooking and ear plugs for the crying.

Did you attend a baby shower recently? Share with us what you think are also modern baby shower gift ideas.