It’s always nice to have something marked on the calendar to look forward to. Public holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving set the occasion for a family get together. Birthdays allow guilt-free partying indulgence for kids and adults alike. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another day of the year marked ‘red’ on the calendar, specially made for your family?

Start a family tradition by making your own holiday. Pick a day of the year you want to celebrate. It can be a significant date like your anniversary, or it can just be a random day. Make it a big deal and treat it just like any other holiday. Take the day off work, if allowable. You can call it after your family name: Smiths Day, for example. Plan something special for your holiday, like a big dinner or an out-of-town trip.

Having an exclusive family holiday has its perks. Since it isn’t a public holiday, you don’t have to worry about the rest of the crowd. Have you ever tried going to the theme park on a week day? You get to earn extra family bonding mileage through the quality of time spent on that day. It will be most exciting for children. Each year, they can build their plans around the family holiday, just like having another Christmas.

A holiday wouldn’t be complete without traditional activities. Choose non-materialistic activities such as tree planting or group sports over gift-giving, for example. This newfound holiday can be spent indoors or outdoors depending on the time of year you choose.

Places for entertainment will most likely be roomier on an off-peak day such as your arbitrary holiday. This means the atmosphere is more relaxed and the staff are less frazzled, hence you get better service. Enjoy the day and use it an an opportunity to recharge your spirit.

Having an annual family holiday is a positive practice your kids can pass on to their succeeding generations. So, take out that calendar and see what date you would like to mark ‘red’.