The last week or two of pregnancy is often marked by feelings of ambivalence, anxiety, tiredness, and discomfort. After months of enduring pregnancy symptoms, many women would want nothing else but to reach term so they could finally meet their precious one. But instead of giving in to feelings of boredom or tiredness, here are some tips on how you can make the most out of the last weeks of your pregnancy:

1. Focus on your own well-being. For a while, it will be all about your baby so give yourself due attention while you still have plenty of time on your hands. Go shopping, get a pregnancy massage, or just do something that can get you relaxed. If you don’t feel like heading outdoors, read a book, or catch up on your favorite TV series. Find something entertaining so that you won’t be so caught up with the discomforts of late pregnancy. Remember that the last few weeks before your delivery shouldn’t just be about your precious one, so pamper yourself too.

2. Reconnect with friends. You can use the extra time to reconnect with friends. Respond to emails, chat with friends from afar, or meet up old friends for a quick afternoon snack. Ask them tips on newborn care, breastfeeding, and try to learn more about their childbirth experiences. By somehow knowing what to expect, you can put unnecessary fears to rest.

3. Stock up your freezer with food that you can easily reheat. You will have very little time to cook when your baby arrives, so prepare food that you can easily put in the microwave. Although you can never really tell when labor will begin, you can never go wrong with stored food in the freezer. It’s surely a better and healthier alternative as compared to getting fast food meals just because you are so busy being a new mom.

4. Make sure you already have essential baby clothes and gear. Although you may have gone through your list a million times, it won’t hurt if you double check everything one last time. You should have enough supplies at home to last you an entire week without heading to the store. In the same way, your hospital bag should also be packed by now. Create a list of the contents to ensure that you have everything you need for the hospital.

5. Take plenty of rest. If you are so used to doing so many things at the same time, stop yourself. This is the time to rest and to simply enjoy the remaining weeks of your pregnancy. Having a baby is a life-changing event and your schedule can drastically change once you have a fully dependent newborn to take care of. Savor moments when you still plenty of time to spare, so stay in bed a little while longer, and get some more sleep. Make the most out of the last week or two of your pregnancy because you’ll surely miss these moments after the birth of your baby.

You are already at the home stretch of your pregnancy and although the discomforts are plenty, try to enjoy these moment while it lasts. Labor will begin very soon, so hang in there!