As children grow up they look for different avenues to express their thoughts and creativity. The most common route for children to express their creativity is to create artwork. Artwork comes in various forms and can be paintings, drawings, sculptures and more.

As the artwork becomes plentiful, it can be challenging to display it around the house without it taking over every aspect. Follow these useful tips to show off your children’s artwork without losing your space.

? Choose one wall in the family room to display your child’s artwork. If the artwork is drawings or paintings, consider framing them and hanging them on the wall for a more organized look.
As your child creates new artwork, simply place the newer item on top of the prior artwork. This will avoid throwing out any pieces of your child’s creativity. In time, there may be too much artwork to handle. At that time, you can sort out or pack away the older pieces of art.

? Artwork can be displayed in your child’s room. Hanging a clothesline is a good way to let your child decide what to display at any given time. Using clothespins will allow your child the ease of changing out artwork at his or her bequest.

? Sculptures or woodworking projects can be displayed around the house in other ways. Wooden plaques can be hung up on the walls and also displayed on a shelf along with sculptures. The good thing is that the sculptures can be spaced out around the house or displayed on their very own shelf.

? Select artwork can be displayed on the refrigerator. To keep your refrigerator from looking like an unorganized mess, choose one or two pictures each week to display before finding them a permanent home in a frame or other place in your house. You may ask your child to choose which one they would like displayed and allow them to change it out when they desire.

Expressing their creativity is important to a child. Even more important is when the child shares their artwork with family and friends. Be proud of your children and encourage their creative juices by displaying their artwork around the house.

Drawings and paintings can be framed and hung up on walls or displayed on a clothesline. Sculptures and woodworking can be displayed on shelves around the house. The most important thing is to take pride in your children’s art because it will be plentiful throughout the years.