How to Save Money on Diaper Costs

By in Money Matter$ on 03 November 2010

Diapering is a necessary part of a baby’s life. It’s a required expenditure for any baby. But disposable pants may make you feel as if your money is being thrown in the trash every time you change diapers. It’s only natural for parents to find ways to save money on diapering costs. Here are some ways how:

1.       Collect coupons. Coupons are instant money savers so you shouldn’t pass up on those when you come across them. Coupons can be found on reading materials or they can be bought online for the price of a stamp! If you have coupons for a different size or brand of diapers, you can have them exchanged for your desired one.

2.       Seize online offers. Just like many commodities today, diapers can be bought at a discount online. Different websites have different offers. Some sites require you to sign up for their mailing list to get coupons, while others offer big discounts on bulk purchases. Be on the lookout for free shipments to save even more money. Some websites worth checking out are the diaper companies’ websites, Amazon, online pharmacies and eBay.

3.       Compare brands. Every diaper brand is different much like every baby is different. So, the best diaper is whatever suits your baby best. Try not to stick with one particular brand. Be open to different options and get your child used to changing brands so you can buy whatever brand that goes on sale. Store brands are usually priced cheaper than brand name ones.

4.       Be diaper smart. Some diapers are designed to have maximum absorbency. Try to use low-end diapers for your baby’s daytime use and switch to high-end diapers for night-time protection. Besides, diapers should be changed every 4 hours during the daytime, so there’s no point in spending more on super absorbent diapers for daytime use.

5.       Consider alternatives. Cloth diapers of today are very much different from that of the past. Sure, they are called by the same name, but they are not as primitive as before. Check out the different cloth diapering options and find out if you see anything that may be useful and convenient for you. Ask around to see what other moms’ opinions are. Cloth diapering can help you save money and the environment.

6.       Potty train. Potty training early gets the diaper expenses out of the tab faster, but this is only recommended when your child shows signs of readiness. In the meantime, parent ‘potty training’ should be practiced. Make sure your child is finished with his ‘business’ before changing and try to establish a feeding schedule so you won’t end up with a soiled diaper soon after changing into a new one.

7.       Ask for diapers. This is the easiest way to get diapers for free. Some parents may have bought too many diapers for their fast-growing baby. Others may have bought the wrong size altogether. Ask other mommies for leftover diapers or offer to buy them at a discount. For your baby shower or baby’s birthday, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for diapers from family and close friends. They will surely be more than willing to give in to your request. Try to ask for a different size from each sponsor, so you won’t end up having too much of one size.

Baby diapers can be overwhelming on your shopping cart and on your wallet, but diaper days won’t last forever. Still, you have to make the most out of your baby budget so you can save on other more important things for your little one.


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