With the impending threat of job loss and home foreclosures, many couples may already feel the effects of financial instability. Through these financial hardships, have you also allowed your marriage to succumb to these difficulties? While money matters will always be a sensitive topic for couples, there are still ways on how you can effectively work through your financial troubles amidst these unpredictable times.

In marriage, it is crucial for couples to be honest about money concerns. Couples should be transparent about the family’s financial plans, savings, and expenses. It should be clear among partners where the family’s income is being spent on. Trust should never be an issue because financial concerns can easily strain relationships. In fact, it is even considered as one of the leading cause of breakups and divorce.

Try to keep conversations about money separate from family discussions that are set to tackle other family concerns. These discussions may also be more effective if you can really stick to an agenda. Talk about bills that you have to pay, and the other expenses that you expect for the week. Discuss on how you can curtail expenses, and agree on the amount that will end up in your savings account.

If you can spare some money for non-essential things, discuss on where you want it to go. You can spend it by having date nights, movie night for kids, or by allocating it as extra money for groceries. If you can both identify your priorities and your wants, you can reduce the conflict regarding where the money is supposed to go.

It is also very important to have your financial goals clearly understood. Set your priorities straight, and put off spending on items that can greatly affect your family’s budget. Perhaps it may not be wise to spend on a new car when you still need to allocate money for your kids’ education or health care expenses. It’s always best to save for rainy days than to rely mostly on credit for any unexpected expense in the future.

Don’t allow tough times to hinder your family from having happy times. If you agree to forego fancy dinner nights for the meantime, think of other ways on how you can have fun without spending too much. Have a picnic with your family, or you can find a sport that your family can enjoy. During these trying times, it is really necessary to unwind so you can take your mind off your worries.

It is also good to remember that although you can employ money-saving strategies, there are also some things that you cannot control. When things like layoffs, and reduced incomes are imminent, rely on each other for support. If certain arrangements have to be done, help each other out to make the transition smoother for the entire family. When certain things are hard to accept, allow some time for adjustment and take it as a trial that can strengthen your marriage.

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay resilient and hopeful when you feel that the odds aren’t always in your favor. But these hardships and trials are inevitable in marriage, and although they may cause unwanted changes, it also has the potential to bring out the best in your loved ones.