Accidents are common during infancy because parents tend to take in stride what their child is capable of doing. It is important that parents anticipate any potential risks in a child’s environment to prevent accidents from occurring. Aspiration is common during infancy because it is a baby’s reflex to grab and place objects in the mouth. It is very serious because accidental ingestion of a foreign object in the lungs can cause grave respiratory problems. Thus, parents need to be very careful of the things that a baby can grab in his surroundings. Babies may not be able to walk to get objects, but they can surely wiggle their way to getting an object that they find appealing.

Infants are easily attracted to toys. Parents may take for granted toys which are taught to be safe like teddy bears. Teddy bears are well loved by children however parents need to be wary for any parts of it that might come loose. These can be in the form of buttons and other decorative items, which can potentially aspirate your baby. These can also be found in baby’s clothes, and it is safe not to purchase this kind. Parents may also think that an inflated balloon is safe for a child. However, if an inflated balloon is bitten, it can be sucked back into a child’s mouth and cause aspiration.

Choose carefully the toys that you offer your baby. Be certain that the toys you offer your child do not break easily. Otherwise the broken pieces may aspirate your child. In the same regard, choose one-piece pacifiers because it is safer as compared to others. A good way to measure if a toy can aspirate your child is by checking its size. If it would fit inside a toilet paper roll, never attempt to offer it to your child. Always follow the age safety regulations on packages of toys. It does not only indicate a developmental ability of a child, but safety in terms of choking hazards as well.

Parents who start feeding their babies solid foods should also properly choose the food items that are safe for the baby. Common food items that may cause aspiration include grapes, carrots, hotdogs, peanuts and popcorn. Babies still could not chew like adults and these food items can easily slide down their throat, which can lead to aspiration. Make sure that the consistency of the food that you offer your baby is not too sticky because it also causes aspiration. Likewise, it is important to keep products like powder because it can also aspirate your baby.

There are a lot of household items that may cause aspiration. Parents should pay particular attention to round, cylindrical objects or food items because they are more dangerous. These objects can easily slip through the throat and enter the lungs. Parents should never take safety precautions in stride because it can be life saving for your baby. Babies are capable of new things each day, and parents need to ensure that as they explore their environment, their safety remains a top priority.