How To Prep Your Kids For The First Day Of Class

By in Life and Time Management, Parenting on 22 August 2011

Another school year is about to roll out. For parents and children, this means alarm clocks going off before sunrise and sibling battles in the breakfast table every morning. Sending kids to school every day can be a frantic task for parents especially if their children are not cooperative.

Parents can start preparing their kids for the first day of class weeks ahead of time. Doing so should give the children ample time to adjust their daily routine and be mentally prepared to give up play time for school work.

As the summer break comes to a close, children’s sleeping habits must be brought back to normal – around 8:00 in the evening. Many parents take their hands off their kids’ sleeping schedule during vacation. So about 1-2 weeks before school starts, begin sending your child to bed 30 minutes earlier each day until they feel comfortable waking up early.

First time students may be in for a shock if they are to step into school unprepared. The same may also be the case for transferees and students moving up from grade school to high school. Make sure they are properly oriented by giving them a tour of the school before the actual school day and talking about their worries and apprehensions before sending them off to a new environment.

Back at home, let your kids prepare their school bag so they can inform you if they need to buy anything like notebook refills or highlighters. It’s better to have school supplies replenished ahead of time to avoid unnecessary trips to the store.

Summer vacation lasts for only 2 months but you may be surprised at how much your children has grown since it started. Take a look at your children’s wardrobe to make sure that their clothes fit well and check for anything else they might need like new underwear and socks.

To promote the habit of studying at home, first get your kids to clean up their room. They must at least have a neat desk where they can do homework without distractions. Reading study materials in advance is encouraged. You may borrow books from the library to get your kids into the habit of reading again. Younger kids can practice their writing skills with your supervision.

Older kids in their teens may seem like they can look after themselves. Still, it’s your job as a parent to give them reminders and support in times of distress. Many teenagers have part time jobs in the summer, so be sure you let them know that school comes first.

The first day of class blues can be avoided as long as the household is prepared, so the transition is smooth and fuss-free.


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