How to Organize a Fun Easter Egg Hunt

By in Fun & Games on 03 April 2011

Hiding Easter eggs is something families and many communities do to give the children something fun to look forward to. If you’ve ever wondered about how to organize a fun Easter egg hunt, keep reading. You’ll find the answers you need here.

Who will you invite? If you’re planning a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, you’ll need considerably fewer eggs than if you’re planning a large-scale hunt. However, if you’re doing a community Easter egg hunt, you may need more space for the egg hunt.

What ages of children will be involved? You’ll want to have this information for a couple of reasons:

1. To know how much space you’ll need
2. To know how many areas you’ll need marked off
3. To determine how many eggs you’ll need

Determine where you’ll hold your Easter egg hunt. Consider holding it in your yard or several yards, at an unused parking lot, a local park, a soccer field, or a high school football field. The larger the area you have available to you, the larger the individual hunting areas can be.

How soon do you start advertising? You’ll want to start advertising a minimum of three weeks before the event, but possibly as much as four weeks. For a neighborhood hunt, you can create flyers which are given to each home in your neighborhood. For larger egg hunts, consider placing them at grocery stores, local places of worship, and doctor’s offices. Include on the flyer a form for the parents to fill out and get back to you the week before the hunt. This should include the parents’ name, how many children will attend, and what age groups they’re in: 0-3, 4-6, and 7-9.

Once you have an idea of the ages of the children who will come to the egg hunt, break the area into three areas. You’ll then be able to determine how much space you need for each age group. Having a separate area for each age group will keep toddlers from being run over by older children.

Purchase 10-15 plastic eggs for each child who will attend. Of course, if you can get all parents in the neighborhood to help buy and fill eggs, it will be less expensive for you personally. You can also ask some other parents to find the prizes. Place change or $1.00 bills in other eggs. Plan to have extra eggs for those children who didn’t RSVP.

Fill them with age-appropriate candy. Keep these separated so the smaller children won’t get hard candy they shouldn’t have. You’ll also want to have up to five prize eggs per age group. For prize eggs, put a coupon in with the candy that they can choose a prize from several. You may also want to give each participating child a ticket to try to win a large Easter basket.

Don’t forget to decorate the egg hunting grounds. Have snacks and drinks available for the children, parents, and anyone working the hunt. As you can see, figuring out how to organize a fun Easter egg hunt isn’t difficult, but it will take time to ensure the children have a great day of Easter egg hunting.


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