How to Organize a Fun and Frugal 4th of July Garden Party

By in Fun & Games on 28 June 2010

When warmer temperatures begin, people start looking for a reason to spend time outdoors. Are you thinking about capitalizing on the weather? Perhaps figuring out how to organize a fun and frugal 4th of July garden party will do the trick.

Garden parties are simply parties which are held in a garden or on a patio. You can create a great outdoor atmosphere for a party with decoration, music, lighting, delicious food and drinks, and great friends and family. You can use these ideas to help you create a fun a frugal 4th of July garden party.

Begin by determining a budget for the party. You’ll need food, drinks, decorations, and tableware. Do you already have some items or will you need to purchase everything new? Discount and dollar stores are good choices for the tableware items you’ll need.

A couple of weeks before the party, send out patriotic-themed invitations. Be sure to include the date, time and location. If you prefer a particular dress code, you may want to indicate that on the invitation. Don’t forget to provide an RSVP telephone number for guests to let you know they’ll attend.

Clean up your garden or patio. Mow the lawn, pull the weeds, and make the area look inviting. You may even want to plant some new flowering plants around the area. Wash the tables before you place tablecloths on them. Clean the chairs or other seating. If your chairs aren’t as clean as you’d like, you may be able to get some inexpensive covers for them or possibly you can borrow seating from a friend.

If the party will be during the day, you’ll want to provide shade. Set up any umbrellas you have or use a pop-up canopy. Decorate using red, white and blue streamers, star garlands, and other patriotic items.

For night-time parties, you’ll want to use patriotic-colored lighting or single color Christmas light strands. You can also light the area by using torches or candles. Paper lanterns in patriotic colors would also be appropriate. Don’t forget to place several citronella candles around the area to keep mosquitoes away.

If money is a concern for you, you may want to ask your guests to help provide the food by indicating on the invitation that the party will be pot luck. Purchase tableware in red, white and blue. You’ll need cups, plates, napkins and silverware. Single color tableware will be less expensive than printed items.

Set aside a specific area for food and drinks. Decorate the food and drink table with a potted plant with red, white and blue carnations. Place small flags around the area. Prepare as much food in advance as you can unless you are having a pot luck party. This will make it easier for you and allow you to enjoy your party rather than merely serving at it.

Don’t forget to play suitable music. You can either bring a CD player outdoors or open a window and play the music through the window. Patriotic music would be a great choice, but any music that will get your guests in a festive mood will do.

It’s not hard to organize a fun and frugal 4th of July garden party. Once you have the party, however, don’t throw things away just in case you decide to have a similar party next year. Saving as much as you can will help reduce costs for future parties.


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