How To Make The Best Use Of Your Time While On Bed Rest

By in Pregnancy & Labor on 22 December 2008

Pregnancy may entail that a woman make sacrifices for her baby, but sometimes there are circumstances when a woman needs to do just that, even at the early part of her pregnancy. When you have a high-risk pregnancy, your doctor may prescribe bed rest to ensure that your pregnancy can go on safely. Women with high blood pressure, bleeding tendencies, incomplete cervix, and multiple pregnancies are usually ordered to stay in bed. Likewise, if you are having signs of preterm labor, your doctor will also strictly order bed rest.

When you are forced to take a step back, and focus on your health for the sake of your baby, it may bring about mixed emotions. It may not seem fair when some women can continue working, and you don’t have that option because of the risk of your pregnancy. You don’t have to feel so alone. Each year, there are around 700,000 women who are forced to stay in bed due to high risk pregnancies. Thus, it can really happen to anyone depending on the risks.

It is then very important for a woman to discuss with her health care provider why she is ordered to stay in bed. If a woman is aware of the risks, there is a greater chance that she will adhere to her doctor’s orders. It is also essential to discuss what activities are allowed, what positions in bed are contraindicated, if intercourse is allowed, and for how long she will be ordered to stay in bed. It may also be good to ask whether you are allowed to go to the bathroom, or if it is alright to do some range of motion exercises.

Depending on your limits, you can actually make good use of your time while on bed. It is very important that you ask your partner to rearrange the things in your bedroom, so that everything is within your reach. Make sure the telephone is just at the bedside table, as well as important numbers to call in case of emergencies. You may also need some toiletries, snacks and drinks in case you get hungry, reading and writing materials, and other essential things that can keep you occupied.

If you are allowed to sit up, then perhaps you can continue on with an unfinished endeavor like organizing photo albums, or finishing a scrapbook. With so much free time, some women experience a lot of emotional challenges. There will always be times when worries will set in. Talk openly with your partner so that you can both come up with ways to address your concerns.

If you have kids, it may be good to seek help from other family members. Try scheduling visits with favorite aunts and uncles, or you can even have other family members fetch them from school. Be certain that your children fully understand why you are confined in bed. This will ensure that they won’t harbor negative behavior towards the baby because you had to stay in bed.

If it is your first pregnancy, it may be the best time to educate yourself regarding labor, delivery, pregnancy and parenting. There are a lot of resources that you can get online regarding these topics. Having an internet connection will even allow you to get in touch with the outside world. There are support groups that you can find online, which primarily help women cope with bed rest. It may even give you an opportunity to get in touch with other women, who have been in bed for months. Sharing thoughts with women, who can understand your situation, will definitely help you through this time.

Depending on the work that you do, it may still be possible to work while on bed rest. Women, who rely on the computer for work, can make arrangements with their employers regarding projects that can be done at home. If this is not possible, do not feel so bad for yourself. After all, there will be plenty of time later on for you to focus on your work. Pregnancy may demand sacrifices for a woman, and sometimes the challenges can be overwhelming, but if it will ensure the safety of your baby, then definitely it will be worth all the effort.


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