How to Make Springtime Pop-Up Cards

By in Fun & Games on 21 April 2010

You’ve just come back from the store looking for the perfect greeting card. Even if you find one you like, you may not be willing to shell out the amount they’re asking for it. Learn how to make springtime pop-up cards and you’ll be able to give a one-of-a-kind card your intended recipient will love.

To make a springtime flower garden pop-up card, you’ll need the following materials:

* Card stock or construction paper in various colors
* Pencils – drawing and colored or crayons
* Craft glue such as Mod Podge
* A paintbrush
* Scrapbooking paper in pastels or springtime motifs
* A creative mind

Begin by measuring a piece of card stock to size. Measure to the center and fold the card stock on that line. Draw a 1-inch by 1-inch square in the center of the card stock and cut only along the horizontal lines you’ve drawn. Fold out this tab to create the “pop-up.”

Using colored pencils in various shades of green, create the grass for your flower garden. You can make the grass using sweeping lines similar to real grass, or stylized depending upon your artistic skill.

On a separate sheet of stock, draw the flower garden with as many flowers as you’d like. Color the flowers and then cut them out. Use Mod Podge or another craft glue to glue the image onto the tab using a paintbrush to ensure the glue is even and stays on the tab.

If you’d like to make multiple layers of pop-ups, fold the paper in several areas and use the same steps to create the tabs for the pop-up. Then glue a different element of the card on each tab. This will provide a 3-D effect for the recipient.

Use scrapbooking paper to cut out the words “Happy Spring” or another greeting. Glue those onto the card behind the flower garden. You may also want to put butterfly or bee stickers on the page to look like they’re flying around the flowers.

Using a piece of construction paper, create a cover for the card, ensuring the size is a little larger than the card stock. Fold that in half and glue the card stock into the center of the construction paper. This will ensure the recipient won’t notice the hole for the pop-up before they open the card.

Decorate the front of the card with photographs you’ve taken, photos you’ve cut out of a magazine, or drawings you’ve made. Add stickers to decorate the card to create a springtime image. Don’t forget to leave room for a greeting on the front of the card.

Many children and adults enjoy knowing how to make springtime pop-up cards to give to loved ones. Of course, once you get started making pop-up cards, you may decide store-bought cards pale in comparison.


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