A wonderful way to personalize your Christmas decorations is by putting up stockings for each family member. Stockings can be hung anywhere – above the fireplace, on the stair banister or on the family room wall. It’s delightful to see the kids sort through a stuffed stocking when they wake up on Christmas morning.

Instead of buying ready-made Christmas stockings, why not make them yourself? This is an easy project with only minimal sewing required. Plus, you’ll be doing a good deed for the environment because you’ll be using recycled materials, particularly used sweaters.

Here’s what you’ll need:

•    Used sweaters – Go for cheerful holiday colors such as red, DSC00753green, white and the ones with snowflake designs. Shrunken wool sweaters that no longer fit work best because the fabric is felted or tight.
•    Yarn, about 1 meter
•    Sharp scissors
•    Used ribbons, ornaments
•    Letter cut-outs – Print the first letter of each family member’s name on a used cereal cardboard.
•    Leftover gift wrappers
•    Hot glue

1.    First, wash and dry the used sweaters to get rid of any accumulated dirt or smell. Wool sweaters may shrink even more, but that’s okay.
2.    Once dry, lay your sweater on a flat surface and create a sock-shaped pattern using the yarn. Use the armpit junction for the sock’s heel. You can do non-traditional shapes such as the one pictured here. One sweater can yield about 2 stockings.
DSC00755 DSC00758
3.    Cut out the sweaters using the yarn as your guide. Leave about ½ inch space from the pattern as an allowance.
DSC007654.    Look for fancy details left on the sweater like buttons, cuff edges and other designs. Cut and save them for later use.
5.    Turn the patterns inside-out before sewing.
6.    Using scissors, make small cuts on the edge of rounded sides to give them a better shape when turned right-side-out.
7.    With a little creativity, add additional designs and a loop to hang the stockings. Use leftover sweater materials, used ribbons and Christmas ornaments.
8.    Cover up any imperfections on your sock by sewingDSC00767 designs on or simply using hot glue to put them in place.
9.    To make letter cut-outs, draw or print the first letter of each family member’s name on a paper, attach it on a used cardboard box and cut it.
10.    Stick the letter cut-outs on a gift wrapper and cut again to give them color. You can also use leftover cloth to make letter appliqués.
11.    Sew or hot glue the letters on your Christmas stockings.
12.    Finally, hang them up and fill with trinkets!
DSC00775 copy DSC00782 copy

If you are still using polyester stockings then it’s about time to bring out the creative side in you. This is an easy craft that you can finish in no time.

Already made your own Christmas sweater stockings? Send us a link to your photos.