A homemade diaper wreath makes a great baby shower gift. All babies need diapers, and this is a unique and inexpensive way to present them. A diaper wreath is easy to make and you can personalize it to your budget and liking.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 22-26 Diapers (size: newborn or small)
  • 5 Baby clothes hangers
  • Scissors
  • Curling ribbons
  • Sturdy string or twist wire
  • Newborn baby essentials
  • Craft ribbons

How to do it:

diaper wreath base1. First, create the wreath base. Assemble the hangers into a pentagon (5-point) shape with the hooks on the outer side. You may use laundry tubes or styrofoam bases but those quickly end up in trash. Using small hangers, on the other hand, is more economical.

2. Connect the hangers tightly using strings or twist wires. You may need to overlap the hanger corners to get a more secure hold. Make sure your base won’t sag when hung upright. It needs to hold the weight of the diapers and baby items you plan to give.

3. Next, openDSC08403 the diapers and start wrapping them around the outer ring of the wreath base. Do not open the gartered diaper skirting. Make sure the diapers cover all the hanger hooks except for one which will be used to hang it when it’s finished. You should use about 15-20 diapers for this.

4. Secure each diaper with a curling ribbon. You may use multiple colors for a more festive look. To curl the ribbons, use the blunt side of your scissors and run it across the ribbon while pressing it on your finger. Curling the ribbons takes a little getting used to but you’ll soon be comfortable once you find your technique.

5. Wrap the remaining diapers on the inner ring, making sure to hide all evidence of the hangers.

6. Add the ‘ornaments’ using ribbons. For a baby shower diaper wreath, use newborn baby essentials like feeding bottles, wash cloths, pacifier, utensils, socks and more. Your diaper wreath will look better when you use color-coordinated ornaments. You can add an additional stuffed toy or a big ribbon to make it more eye-catching.

7. Lastly, attach a gift tag on your creation. Your diaper wreath is now ready to be hung!

Brighten up a nursery door or hospital room door with a diaper wreath and let everybody know that a baby is being welcomed. You can modify this project for an older baby by using bigger-sized diapers and age appropriate ‘ornaments’.