In keeping children safe, parents should examine other areas where children may be spending a considerable amount of time. Aside from playing indoors, the backyard is another place in your home where children love to play. Parents should never be too complacent, in allowing a child to play in the backyard without proper supervision. After all, many of the common child injury hazards can be found in your very own backyard.

If you have a home playground, make sure that the ground is made of shock absorbing material like sand or rubber. It should also be at least nine to 12 inches deep. Be very careful in installing play equipments, and make sure that these are age appropriate for your kids. Follow safety guidelines on the installation and use, so that injuries can be prevented. This is especially important in installing swings because it is the equipment that causes most injuries at home playgrounds.

Make sure that all protruding bolts are covered, and that ropes, cords and any other strangulation hazards are not attached to any equipment. If you have a pool, there should be a fence of at least 4 feet high around it. Cover the pool when not in use, and see to it that rescue equipment is just nearby. If you have an inflatable swimming pool, make sure that it is emptied after use. For children, inflatable pools can present the same danger as full sized pools.

Lawnmowers are also frequently used in the backyard. If you have a riding mower, make sure that you keep the ignition keys. It is also very important for kids to remain inside the house, while you mow your lawn. Children should never be allowed to operate any lawnmower until they reach 12 years old. For riding mowers, children need to be at least 16 years old. It is also important that parents consider a child’s age, size, strength, or experience when assigning tasks However, children need to be fully supervised while doing yard work.

Garden tools may also be dangerous when left to lie around when not in use. Keep tools like rakes, spades, forks, and pruning clippers to prevent any accidental injuries. Your yard may also contain potential poisons, which can be dangerous for children. Keep pesticides and other chemicals out of your child’s reach. These need to be stored in locked cabinets so that accidental poisoning can be prevented.

The yard can also be a place where many family activities are done. When grilling, make sure that your children are away from the area. It is important to remember that the grill can cause burns while preheating, cooking, and even when it is already cooling.

It is also essential that you observe basic safety measures when you take your child outside. You may use insect repellant to protect your child from insects. Make sure that you teach your child not to go near any animals. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, and make sure that you reapply on intervals. It is also equally important to keep your child hydrated while playing outside, especially on very hot weather.

With so many activities that children can do in the yard, a child may be at risk for injuries like falls, burns, drowning and poisoning. For children to remain safe and injury-free, parents need to properly supervise children while at play. Your yard is still part of your home, and safety measures should be taken, so that children remain safe and injury-free while enjoying their time outside.