Pregnancy can affect women differently. While some women embrace the changes that pregnancy brings, others may feel unhappy about it. For a woman who has a positive self-image before pregnancy, it may not be so hard to adjust to these changes. But for somebody who has negative perceptions, it may be harder to cope with all the changes. You don’t really need a perfect figure, so that you can feel good about yourself. It’s really more about how you feel about yourself, in spite of all the imperfections.

Recent studies have shown that women, who had misperceptions regarding their pre-pregnancy weight, have a tendency to gain more weight during pregnancy. A woman’s body can indeed change remarkably during pregnancy. From the expected weight gain to skin changes, it can bring about mixed emotions in a woman. Dealing with these emotions may be hard, especially if the people around you are not at all supportive.

It is then essential for a woman to understand why her body needs to go through these changes. It can be difficult to develop a positive self-image during pregnancy because the body changes rapidly each month. A woman needs to understand that the physical changes are normal. Without these changes, the body cannot support the needs of the growing baby. Knowing what to expect during pregnancy, may allow a woman to feel more in control of the situation.

You can actually work on ways on how you can handle these negative thoughts, so that you can enjoy your pregnancy. Hormonal changes may trigger nausea and vomiting initially, but as these symptoms pass, you can actually enjoy your pregnancy more. In order to have a good support network, let your emotions out and openly talk to your partner, or your loved ones. Having people who can give you insights, may allow you to redirect your focus on your baby, and not on the negative comments you may be getting from other people.

If you have been eating healthy prior to your pregnancy, the more you need to be conscious of what you are eating during pregnancy. Dieting is never acceptable during this time, and a good way to avoid excessive weight gain is to be selective of what you eat. Pregnancy requires that you need to increase your daily caloric requirement, but it does not mean that you can let go of your healthy practices, and eat more than what is necessary. After all, excessive weight gain during pregnancy can lead to pregnancy complications, like high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

Exercise will always be good for the body, and it can also improve your mood. If your doctor has allowed you to have some physical activity, then check your options. If joining an exercise class for pregnant women can keep you motivated, go ahead and sign up. It may also serve as an informal support group because you are surrounded by women going through similar changes.

Some women may feel so uncomfortable, that they may choose to shy away from socializing. An acceptable reason for staying at home is when you have a high-risk pregnancy requiring bed rest. If old clothes don’t fit anymore, go out and shop for figure flattering clothes specifically designed for pregnant women. It may boost your confidence, knowing that you can still be fashionable in spite of the changes.

Having enough free time to nurture your well-being is also important. Take time to get some fresh air, or you can go out on dates with your partner. If your schedule is too full, prioritize your tasks and work gradually on achieving them. You clearly do not need to be stressed out during this time because it may also affect your self-esteem.

A woman’s pregnancy experience will always be unique. Although the changes can be many, a woman’s body is still extraordinary in the sense that it can support a life. Enjoy your pregnancy knowing that each day brings you closer to the time, when you can finally hold your baby in your arms.