earthday2008.jpgWhile celebrated sometimes both in the fall and spring (equinoctial Earth Day), the Earth Day as we know it, is officially celebrated on April 22nd, and dates back to the year 1970. Earth Day commemorates the birthday of the modern environmental movement and celebrates the United States recognition to preserve the Earth. Since then, its cause and plan for action has spread globally and is celebrated in many nations

During the 1960’s and thereafter, Americans, unaware of global pollution and natural resource limitations, consumed mass quantities of gas and coal, and companies frequently released pollutants into the air and water; without fear of retribution or care for the environment. Citizens, familiar with the pollution going on around them, accepted that the environmental tampering were signs of prosperity and progress, however, on April 22, 1970 many citizens had experienced enough of this destruction and were determined to make their voices known.

Over 20 million Americans from both coasts untied with over 200 million global citizens to draw attention to the pollution the Earth was experiencing. This continued every year, and while the causes and issues always remained similar, the Earth Day 1990 celebration brought to light another key environmental issue that needed to be addressed: recycling.

With the advent of the Internet, Earth Day has been able to reach even more people than in previous years. This was evident in 2000’s Earth Day celebration where voices in over 184 countries were heard discussing the need to save the Earth and its resources; mainly clean energy. This sentiment was also very prevalent at the 2007 Earth Day celebration where over a billion people globally, took part in the day’s event.

Throughout history, there have been conflicts among different people, nationalities, and religions, but Earth Day is the only event that transcends these differences and is celebrated by over 184 counties and locations scattered around the globe. As technology becomes more readily available, the recognition and celebration of Earth Day will likely spread to more nations in the coming years.

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