Healthy Ways to Kickstart your Day

By in Food & Nutrition on 28 July 2010

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It refuels the body after a long night’s rest and provides energy for the work that lay ahead. Eating breakfast helps improve concentration, reduces the urge to snack and regulates the blood sugar level, among other benefits.

No matter how fast-paced the beginning of the day gets, breakfast should not be taken for granted. Good breakfast habits are necessary to achieve a healthy body. Here are some healthy ways to kickstart your day:

  1. Do not skip breakfast. A lot of people move in a rush in the morning. Preparing for school or work can be so busy that eating breakfast is often a last priority. This kind of habit must be corrected. Breakfast food is easy to make, you can even prepare it the night before. The important thing is to never leave your home with an empty stomach.
  2. Wrap it up. A hectic morning routine gives only a little room for one to sit down and eat. This should not deter you from having breakfast. An easy solution for the get-up-and-goers is to have the food on-the-go. Wrap your omelet in whole grain pita bread for easier consumption. Stash your french toast, muffin or sandwich in a resealable bag to make it convenient for travel. You can always grab a bite in the car, especially when stuck in traffic.
  3. Reduce the fats. Anything fried and fatty such as fried bacon, ham and hashbrowns are not good picks to start your day. Opt instead for high fiber choices such as cereals, fruits, vegetables and whole grain bread. You may still have your fix of fatty food, but use a different method of cooking to minimize the oil. Poach the eggs and steam the sausages instead of frying them, for example.
  4. Eat a serving of fruit. Simply put, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Fresh fruits are rich in natural vitamins and minerals to help keep the body in top shape. They are also rich in fiber and glucose to keep the tummy feeling full and provide instant energy. Mix some sliced strawberries or bananas on your breakfast cereal for a refreshing first meal.
  5. Go for high-protein. Protein is heavy on the stomach in a good way – it gives the feeling of fullness that can last until lunchtime. A high proten breakfast will help you cut back on snacks which are usually made of unhealthy ingredients like sugar and salt. Eggs and milk are the best bets for high-protein breakfast choices.

Having good breakfast habits is a great start towards living a healthy lifestyle. Maintain the same mind set towards snacking and other meals of the day for an overall healthy eating routine.


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