You might be committed to your green lifestyle, including eating lots of fresh veggies and fruit.  But if the neighborhood kids are expecting handfuls of candy when they show up at your door, you may end up being pranked if you try to fill their treat bags with apples instead.   So how can you maintain your eco-friendly habits and make the kids happy, too?  Here are some ideas for Halloween treats that will satisfy everyone.

If you just have to give out candy for treats, make a point of reading labels and buying candy with the healthiest ingredients.  A little sugar, chocolate and nuts can actually be good for the soul (unless you have allergies, of course!). So choose the candies that have the simplest ingredients.  Steer clear of anything that had a long list of chemical ingredients.

And avoid absolutely everything that includes high fructose corn syrup on the label.  Why?  Because it is made from genetically modified corn, it is highly processed using fuel-intensive methods, and the human body has a hard time metabolizing it.  It makes foods cheap to buy, but at a high cost.  So it is very, very un-green.

If you know your trick-or-treaters, you can make any umber of delicious home made and healthy treats.  From popcorn balls to chocolate chip cookies, home made snacks can be made ahead of time and packaged in eco-friendly waxed paper instead of plastic wrap.

But if you don’t know the neighborhood kids very well (if you’re new on the block, or don’t have school-aged kids yourself that play with the local kids), it will probably be best to stick with candy and treats that are commercially sealed and packaged.  (These days, people prefer to be cautious about taking homemade treats from people they don’t know.  Whether they are urban legends or not, everyone has heard the stories about broken glass other dangerous items being found in the treats. So a good rule of thumb is:  don’t hand out homemade treats to strangers.)

Just remember that “green” isn’t restricted to organic foods and granola.  Limit the chemical additives and the excess packaging that won’t biodegrade and you can maintain your earth friendly lifestyle and your good standing with the kids on the block at the same time.