Are you trying to think of unique ways for you and your children to say “I love you!” to the women in their lives? Concentrate on gifts from the heart. Then learn how to make inexpensive but memorable Mother’s Day presents any mother will love.

When you’re trying to be frugal during any holiday, home-made gifts can’t be beat. They are the perfect gift because you know Mom will love them simply because her child made them. And most home-made gifts are inexpensive to make. They’re sure to be special to the moms in your life.

Gifts that are like a frozen moment in time are surely to be memorable. Create any number of gifts using the handprint or footprint of the children. Mom will be delighted with these gifts.

Find a plain t-shirt in Mom’s favorite color and washable fabric paints. The children can place their hands or feet in the paint and then onto the shirt. Write “My mom is covered in hands of love” or “My children walk all over me” with the names, ages, and date the shirts were made. Be sure to follow the directions to make the paint permanent.

Crafts stores often have classes for children leading up to Mother’s Day. Take the children to one of these sessions and they can make a great gift Mom will enjoy. Some of the classes provide everything for free, including an expert to teach and help the children. Others require you pay a small fee to cover the cost of materials.

Gifts with flowers are also a hit with moms. Purchase a terracotta flower pot for each child. Allow them to paint it however they like. When the paint has dried, help them plant some of Mom’s favorite flowers. Of course, if Mom doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, she may enjoy planting the seeds or seedlings in the plant with her child.

Take some photographs of the children during various times of the day and night. Then create a collage with the photos. Be sure to write down the children’s ages and the date it’s to be given so Mom will be able to think back to how the children were when they were younger. If you can get it laminated at an office supply store or printer, this will protect the photos for years to come.

Have the children pick out some pretty beads from the craft department or a craft store. Since there are so many beads to choose from, they may have a hard time. You may want to limit them to a specific number since beads can be expensive depending upon the type. Get the string and clasps while you’re there. Then let the children make Mom a one-of-a-kind bead necklace.

Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive for mom to cherish them. If they are gifts from the heart made by the hands of her own children, Mom will adore them. Use some of these ideas and then learn how to make inexpensive but memorable Mother’s Day gifts this year.