It’s a foregone conclusion; if you’re breathing you’re bound to have some type of challenge. This begins at an early age and continues throughout our lives. When you’re faced with a challenge, will you have the inner strength you need to overcome it, or will you crumble under the pressure? Gaining inner strength through prayers is possible for anyone willing to try.

You may meet someone who has faced many challenges in life and yet they seem to prevail. It’s hard to tell where their strength comes from until you ask them. They may explain about gaining inner strength through prayers and how turning to someone or something bigger than themselves provided that strength.

Many people don’t understand prayer or the need for it. They may think of prayer as a trite activity for the weak minded. Others, however, swear by saying prayers and knowing that prayers are beneficial.

Saying prayers means you are leaning on someone stronger to undergird you when you’re faced with the unexpected. You can request additional inner strength when yours is waning and expect your request to be met. Science has now shown the correlation between faith, prayers and healing; is it any wonder prayer can increase your inner strength, too?

Some religions say prayers three times a day while others suggest prayers be said at a specific location. Still others believe prayers can be said at any time of the day or night. If there’s a need, prayers can be said.

Why would a person choose to pray rather than look to others to help them when they’re in need? Some people don’t want to share fears or failures with others, but in prayer they can be real without fear of reproach or being made fun of.

Buddhists pray to have their inner abilities of strength, wisdom, and compassion awakened. This is done as meditation where the Buddhist attempts to replace negativity with the blessings of life. They believe daily prayer is important and can lead them.

The Sikh say specific prayers in the early morning, at dusk and at night as well as other prayers for specified reasons. They gather for corporate prayers in addition to praying individually. Many who follow this path attest to gaining inner strength through prayers.

Addicts who are going through 12-Step programs are encouraged to find a ‘Higher Power’ to pray to receive the inner strength they need to avoid succumbing to their addiction. Some feel 12-Step programs are strictly Christian, but that’s not true. While they do recommend seeking a ‘Higher Power,’ they don’t dictate which power that is. Many addicts were able to gain the strength they needed and overcome those addictions.

Gaining inner strength through prayers is something people from many cultures do. Some believe it doesn’t matter who you pray to. They believe the mere fact you’re reaching out to the universe is enough to gain the inner strength they need.