Wouldn’t it be easier to teach your kids if they remember everything right away? Children are more likely to do better in school when they have a good memory. They need it to remember mathematical formulas or to memorize historical people and dates.

Enhancing your child’s memory need not be a rigid task. Playtime and bonding activities are effective in enhancing memory in children. Here are some ways:

1. Memory game. The memory card game is played by putting memory cards face-down on a table. Have your kid open two cards at a time to see what’s inside. If the cards do not match, the player must place it back and then open another two cards. The game is finished when all the cards have been matched with its pair.

You can use store-bought memory game cards, or just pick out pairs from a deck of playing cards. There are also computer applications that do the same thing. One example is Purble Place- it usually comes pre-installed in new Windows-operated computers (such as Vista, Windows 7).

2. Storytelling. Bedtime stories are not only for lulling a child to sleep. It can also help in practicing memory skills. Let your child pick from a handful of storybooks each night. Read only a portion of the story and tell him the rest is ‘to be continued’ for another night. The next time your child picks the same storybook, help each other recall what happened in the story before beginning to read the next chapter.

3. Remember together. Look at photo albums together and ask what your child remembers about the pictures. Try questions like: “Did grandpa come on this birthday party?” or “What was your favorite birthday gift here?” Doing so will help him recall people, places and things.

Ask your child about his day at school or ask for specific details about a recent trip, like “What did you have for lunch?” or “What was the roller coaster ride called?” Let him work his mind up for the answers, but be ready to rescue him before he gets frustrated at not being able to answer the question.

4. In the car. When driving, talk to your child about your destination and make an effort in pointing out street names and directions. The next time you travel to the same destination, let your child be the ‘guide’.

Play games in the car. Try guessing games where you give a description of an animal or a place and the other player has to guess what you are describing. You can also do a verbal memory game like “I’m going to a Hawaii, and I’m taking…,” wherein each player takes a turn filling up the ‘luggage’ and repeating all the items said previously.

Anything that encourages your child to recall information is sure to enhance his memory. You just have find ways to make it fun!