Are you trying to find the perfect birthday present for a 1 year old boy? You’d want to spend money on something he will use and enjoy, and even possibly get some educational benefit from. Little boys have a tendency to be rough on their toys. When shopping for a birthday gift, you should look for functionality and durability. Here are some gift suggestions:


Children begin to have real interest in books in their first year. It’s good to get toddler-safe books – soft books or board books – which can survive wear and tear from a kid. Jungly Tails plush book or similar ones from Jellycat should be an interesting read for the birthday boy. The books feature colorful textured animal tails. For a little something more for the beginner reader, look for books with simple stories about colors, shapes, letters or numbers such as Buggy Buddies stroller books.


When buying toys as gifts, it’s okay not to follow the latest fad. One year olds wouldn’t care if their toy is the hottest one on the market. The important thing to remember is that the toy should be safe and durable. Young boys enjoy anything with moving, interactive parts. Lights, buttons, wheels and the like are enough to keep their interest up. A steering wheel toy like Smart Driver (by Chicco) is great for a one year old. A Learn and Groove musical table and a Musical Hands Mat are also wonderful gifts for a toddler. They feature different sound settings and colorful buttons.


Stuffed animals are easy picks for a birthday present. To make your gift special, choose something that you know the child is interested in (ask the Mommy). Some boys are into cars while others are into dinosaurs. A giant sized stuffed animal like Melissa & Doug‘s is also great for the little boy to wrestle with!


You’ll surely be popular when you get the birthday boy a ride-on toy. Gone are the rocking horses. These days, battery-operated toy cars, ATVs and motorcycles take up the extra parking space in the garage. They run at the push of a button, and only in slow speeds for the child’s safety. If those seem too much, the child can still cruise the streets with an adult assisted toddler bike. Be sure to get safety helmets and other necessary safety gear with your wonderful gift.

You can still go for the usual gifts like clothes and gift cards. Whatever the gift you give, it will surely be appreciated by the parents, if not by the child at that time.