It’s not hard to think of field trip ideas for your preschooler. There is nothing more exciting to a child than to explore and discover new things. Field trips bring a feast to the five senses and stimulate a young child’s developing brain.

Going out with your child opens opportunities for them to learn. Here are some ideas to help you plan an educational trip with your child.

Daily life

The easiest and cheapest outing activity for your child is to bring her along with you as you go about your daily errands. A simple trip to the grocery can be very interesting for a preschooler, especially if it’s her first time. Take your time and give a rundown of the things you are putting on the cart.

Let your child tag along as you go to the bank or to the laundry shop. Allow her to observe your actions. Not in the mood to drag your kid around with you? Buckle her up in the car seat and bring your car to a drive-thru car wash. Fill up with gas after that, so your child will learn how a car runs and how to get it clean.

Fun Stuff

Arrange a trip to a historical museum and discuss things about the past. Sometimes a museum may not be appropriate for a preschooler. Instead, visit a book store or a toy store and let your child examine the assortment of books and playthings on the shelves. Don’t get her too excited, though, because you may end up purchasing loads of toys.

Go to a bakery to buy bread. Just the smell inside the store is sure to arouse interest in your kid. Find out if there is an open-kitchen establishment in your area, like a Krispy Kreme or a Mongolian stir-fry, where your child can observe how food is made through a glass window.


To learn about her hometown, show your child where the following are:

  • Police station
  • Hospital
  • Fire station
  • School
  • Post Office
  • Airport

You can just drive by these places and point them out. Give a short description of each establishment and the people working there (police, doctor, etc.). When your child is ready to go to school, they will most likely visit them again – and see the place comprehensively.

Animals and Nature

Schedule a trip to the beach or to the nature park, whichever is more accessible. Let your child walk on sand barefoot. Go on a forest walk for an outdoor experience. Save camping for the future, if you think your child is not yet ready for it.

The zoo is a popular place for kids to learn about animals. An aquarium is also a nice place for children to observe fishes. If those are not easy options, you can always visit a pet store! Kids love watching animals in action.

Having these outings will make your child associate learning with fun. It may help her be more interested in studying later in life. If you have tried all these field trip ideas, ask your preschooler where she wants to go in the future, and plan accordingly.