Created by Gary Craig, the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a non-invasive procedure similar to acupuncture. The process requires you to tap on specific points of your body with your fingertips. Electrical impulses are sent through your body which enables the body itself to rebalance and unblock the various energies of the body. When verbal affirmations or sayings are added, the results are considered by some to be amazing.

People have been learning and using the Emotional Freedom Technique for a variety of maladies ranging from anxiety to weight loss to insomnia. Yes, it is possible to use this technique if you’re having problems getting to sleep. The process is easy to learn and once learned will take little time when needed.

The best place to learn how to use it properly is by visiting to get a free copy of the EFT manual. The manual describes the process of tapping in order to affect your body in a positive way. The website also has information which will enable you to learn more about EFT and other health-related topics.

Of course, it is also helpful to know the cause of your sleep problems. If you can determine the cause of your problems with sleep, this will help you address it when performing EFT and thus improve your chance of solving your sleep problem entirely. What thoughts do you concentrate on as you’re trying to go to sleep? Is your life too full and you’re not able to stop thinking of all you have to do the next day, or is your problem that you worry?

While doing the Emotional Freedom Technique, you will tap on various points on your face and torso while making a statement which recognizes the problem, allows you to verbalize it, and then move past it. Here’s an example:

You’re worried about a situation at work, so you begin tapping the following points while saying, “Even though I’m worried about this situation at work with Jane, I choose to be calm, relaxed, and pleasantly drowsy.” Of course, you’d make statements based on your own situation.

1. Start at the top of the head with finger tips on the center of the head.
2. Next you move to just above the eyebrows on either side of the nose.
3. Following that area, you’ll tap on the bone to the side of the eye.
4. Then tap under the eye about an inch below the pupil.
5. Next you’ll tap under the nose between the tip of your nose and your upper lip.
6. Find the midway point between your chin and the bottom of your lip and tap there.
7. An inch under your collar bone is the next place you’ll tap.
8. Under the arms, about four inches below the armpit, is then tapped.
9. Finally, you’ll tap the insides of your wrists together.

Going to the website will enable you to watch videos of people doing EFT and will allow you to see exactly what the process is, how long it takes, and all for free. Whether your problem is weight loss, anxiety, or insomnia, the Emotional Freedom Technique might be the answer you’ve been searching for.