Most of us dream of a large kitchen with plenty of cabinet space and countertops as wide as the eye can see – then we return to reality and face our small kitchens. Having a small kitchen does not mean that the kitchen necessarily has to look small, though; it just needs to be primed in order to make it look larger than it actually is. A few good ways to help your kitchen appear bigger are to limit clutter, install the right lighting and changing paint colors.

Clutter is the worst enemy of a small room. Clutter, while sometimes unavoidable, only makes a room appear smaller. To allow your kitchen to appear bigger, limiting clutter is a strong factor. Buy a few organizational supplies such as utensil holders and racks. By compiling your utensils in one place, it gives the kitchen a neater, larger appearance.

Installing the right kind of lighting is important as well. Brighter lights allow the kitchen to appear spacey while dark lights emphasize the small space. Under-the-counter lighting also helps to make a kitchen appear larger.

Dark colors only help to minimize the appearance of an already small room. Paint your kitchen a light color and pair the color change with light-colored cabinets. The combination of the two light colors will open the kitchen up.

Storage space is crucial, especially in a kitchen. If your kitchen is small and does not contain many cabinets, you will have to get creative with your organization. Installing multiple shelves in your cabinets can help to create more room.

Be careful not to overcrowd the cabinets, or you will never find what you are looking for. Clear the pans out of the cabinets and have a pot rack installed above your kitchen sink, if space allows. This will free up cabinet space for other dishes and food.

Having a large kitchen may not be a reality for you, but that does not mean that you have to suffer with a small kitchen. There are several ways to organize your kitchen so that it does not appear small. Limit clutter from the countertops and instead organize your utensils and counter space. Having the right lighting and painting your kitchen walls and cabinets lighter colors will help enlarge the given space.