Easy Strategies to Make a Successful Transition from Elementary to Junior High and High School

By in Parenting on 13 August 2010

It can be exciting to see your children graduate from elementary school and move on up to junior high and high school. However, with these milestones come significant changes that your children may not be prepared for. You can help to ease their anxiety and fear by talking to them and explaining the many changes that they will see.

One of the biggest changes that your children will encounter when transitioning from elementary school to junior high is that classes no longer take place in one classroom. Students are given a schedule that outlines the classes and the rooms that they will have to go to in order to attend these classes.

Some students will be overwhelmed by the prospect of getting lost trying to find their classrooms. The good news is that most of the classes are usually centralized on the same floor to make it easier for students to navigate.

First time students of junior high and high school are usually given orientation a few weeks before school starts. At orientation your teen will receive their first schedule and will typically be given time to get familiar with the layout of the school and to find their classrooms.

Take the time to attend this orientation with your teen so that you can show them around and help them to get comfortable. After the orientation, discuss any concerns that your teen may have. Most fears are eased when they are given the chance to explore at orientation.

The transition from junior high to high school is much like the atmosphere in junior with one exception. High schools are usually bigger and house four grades instead of three, which means that many more students. Your teen will enter high school as a freshman and the atmosphere will seem very different.

Again, attending orientation should help to ease any concerns; however, a major difference is that not all classes are centralized as they may be in junior high. Your child will possibly have to navigate the entire high school to get from one class to another. Also, in high school, your teen may be given the opportunity to choose some of his or her own electives.

There are simple ways to introduce your teen to the transition between the three school levels: elementary, junior high and high school. Make sure you discuss any fears or concerns that your teens express and attend orientation with them to help them navigate and get familiar with the layouts of the schools. With a little guidance, your teens will transition successfully.


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