Childbirth Education Classes: How To Effectively Prepare For Labor And Delivery

By in Pregnancy & Labor on 29 December 2008

Pregnancy may last nine months, but for many expectant parents, this time frame can seem so short, especially with all the preparations that need to be done. Aside from all the important baby things, women also need to be prepared physically and emotionally for the eventual delivery of the baby.

There are undoubtedly many resources, which a woman can get regarding labor and delivery. Although these may help, joining a childbirth education class may give a pregnant woman, a better understanding of the birthing experience. It is a good way of allowing a woman to cope better because it gives her a sense of control over the situation.

Taking childbirth education classes may take some of your time and money, but the benefits are many. If you take childbirth education classes, the better prepared you will be for the discomforts that childbirth brings. Women are taught different strategies, to be able to cope with the pain during labor. These may range from breathing and relaxation techniques, to approaches like visualization. It may also include a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the common pain medications, used for pain relief during childbirth.

Childbirth classes also provide an opportunity for a significant other to participate, thus encouraging support during labor and delivery. A woman needs all the support that she can get, especially during the time when the pain can become so intense. Some classes may even include a tour of a facility, which gives the woman a good orientation of the birthing area. You may also have the chance to be familiar with the devices that may be used during the delivery of your baby.

Some classes even discuss the basics of a cesarean delivery. It may help a woman understand, why a cesarean delivery is indicated for some pregnancies. Although the recuperating process may vary as compared to that of a normal delivery, a woman can better prepare for what’s ahead, if she’s aware of the things that she will be going through.

After learning more about the birthing process, it is possible that you may have more concerns. A childbirth education class is a good venue to bring out all your fears, as well as your perceptions towards the birthing process. Your instructor may correct some inaccurate information, which is good at settling any unnecessary worries.

The classes may also give you a primer on the basics of newborn care. Topics such as breastfeeding, bathing, diapering, and comforting may be tackled. With all the adjustments that need to be done during the postpartum period, having a background on newborn care can be very helpful, especially for first time parents.

In order to choose a childbirth education class that is suited for you, check your options with your health care provider. Some classes are specifically suited for the type of delivery that a woman is going to have, while others are focused on the approach to childbirth. There are even classes offered for parents who only need to be refreshed with the basics. Be certain that you enroll in a class, which will be instrumental in preparing you for the challenges of labor and delivery.

These classes are recommended for women, who are on their sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. If you are contemplating on enrolling in a class, check your options early on. This will allow you to fix your schedule at your most convenient time. The classes usually last for an hour or two, over the course of a few months. You may also have the option of attending a full-day session during weekends.

If you are concerned with regards to the cost, try to check whether your insurance can cover it, or if you are entitled to a reduced cost. Short courses can be quite affordable, while a more comprehensive course can cost more than a hundred dollars. Although enrolling in a class may entail more expenses, it can be a good investment in terms of preparing for the challenges ahead.

The birth experience can be different for every woman, and although your doctor can help you have a positive birth experience, it matters a lot when you have also done your part in preparing for the entire process.


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