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How To Save Money On Groceries

Posted on 22 April 2009 by

There is no doubt that the global financial crisis has really taken a toll on the lives of many. And with the cost of basic commodities rising, we really have to utilize money saving strategies so we can make ends meet. Although we want the best for our family in terms of nutrition, we really […]

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How To Have Family Fun On A Budget

Posted on 07 April 2009 by

We are undoubtedly facing tough financial challenges. From the news on television and on the papers, to the many foreclosed homes we can see around us, the negative signs really abound. With so many companies closing down resulting to an increase in our country’s unemployment rate, more and more families are experiencing financial difficulties. While […]

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How To Raise A Baby On A Budget

Posted on 19 December 2008 by

Having a baby is such an exciting time for a family, but if you don’t prepare for it financially, it can also be a stressful time for parents. It takes nine months for a woman to nurture a child inside her womb, perhaps you and your partner should use this time to save as much […]

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Budgeting for a Baby

Posted on 15 May 2008 by

You find yourself walking resolutely across the department store, an enormous stuffed bear tucked under your arm. You set it on the counter and straighten the polka-dotted ribbon that is tied around its neck. It will cost more than your favorite pair of running shoes, but you know you must have it. That is, the […]

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5 Tips on Shopping for Baby on a Budget

Posted on 05 March 2008 by

Children are expensive – it’s a fact. The average parents will spend around a quarter of a million dollars on their child while raising him or her from infancy to adulthood! One way to start shaving dollars off of that big chunk is to shop for your baby on a budget.

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Go Green Without Breaking Your Piggy Bank

Posted on 06 February 2008 by

What are some of the ways in which you can go “greener” without breaking your budget? Here are a few suggestions.

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Organization Means Mo’ Money

Posted on 06 February 2008 by

I’d get insanely upset at myself for forgetting to pay two credit card bills that were due two days ago. Now it’s late and I’ve racked up $90 in late fees plus interest. Whoops! There goes 3 cans of Costco sized formula.

Then I realize I forgot to move my car off the street and onto the driveway last night. It was Street Cleaning Thursday. The ticket was $45. That’s 4 bags of diapers. Sigh.

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Marketing On a Shoestring Budget

Posted on 01 February 2008 by

On a tight budget? Here are three ways to advertise online for your business that don’t cost a dime.

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How To Overcome Common Eating Struggles In Young Children

Parents may find mealtimes challenging, especially when feeding very young kids. As much as parents would like to teach young kids healthy habits, feeding challenges will always be part of mealtimes. Here are some common feeding challenges, and ways on how you can handle them: 1. Food Jags – A child will only eat the same […]

How To Prevent Iron Deficiency Anemia In Children

When preparing meals at home, do you consider its nutritional value? Or do you just prepare meals according to your family’s preferences? When grocery shopping, do you often stop for a moment to read the label, or do you just grab the usual products you purchase? Feeding problems are very common, especially in very young […]

Tips On How To Deal With Picky Eaters

Parents of toddlers and preschoolers are often faced with the problem of providing proper nutrition to their children. During this stage, a child may only want to eat a number of food items and it is exceptionally hard to introduce a food, which they are not accustomed to eating. As much as parents would like […]

Healthy Snacking Tips For Children

Children are always on the go, and as much as we want them to eat healthy, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with them. Snacking is important for children because it provides them the energy that they need. Unhealthy eating can pave the way for bad eating habits later on. Parents then need […]

Why You Should Make Time For Family Dinners

Days can be so hectic that it may be difficult to devote time to family dinners. As children grow older, parents may modify parenting styles, but family dinners should still remain unchanged. Although eating dinner together may sound so simple, it can do a lot in terms of the overall health and well-being of the […]

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