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4 Tips On How You Can Get Your Kids To Go Green

Posted on 28 February 2011 by

The attitude of kids towards the environment is largely influenced by how they are taught to value nature’s diminishing resources. In getting them to go green, you really don’t have to discuss greenhouse gases and climate change by the book because it will never get them genuinely interested. Here are a few tips on how […]

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How to Make a Recycled Book Christmas Tree

Posted on 18 December 2010 by

A book Christmas tree is an easy project you and your kids can get busy with without spending much. The freezing weather outside may make the kids bored in the house so here’s something they can do indoors and it doesn’t create a lot of mess, too! They won’t even need scissors to do this. […]

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How to Make Christmas Stockings from Recycled Sweaters

Posted on 15 December 2010 by

A wonderful way to personalize your Christmas decorations is by putting up stockings for each family member. Stockings can be hung anywhere – above the fireplace, on the stair banister or on the family room wall. It’s delightful to see the kids sort through a stuffed stocking when they wake up on Christmas morning. Instead […]

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9 Practical Household Uses for Charcoal

Posted on 16 September 2010 by

You probably have a bag of charcoal sitting in your tool shed, not knowing exactly what to do with it. It may be leftover firewood or barbecue fuel you haven’t gotten rid of. It’s fascinating to know that this black, high-carbon, porous material has many wonderful uses. Here are some ways to use charcoal around […]

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Teaching Kids about Backyard Bugs

Posted on 03 September 2010 by

The world of insects is fascinating. From walking sticks to butterflies to fireflies, the insect world delights and intrigues. Bugs are just creepy enough to invite further investigation, especially by children. You don’t have to have a science project in the works to enjoy getting out and teaching your kids about bugs. One thing is […]

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Top Tips to Keep Your Children Hydrated This Summer

Posted on 02 September 2010 by

It’s important to stay hydrated in the summer months, and kids can easily forget to drink enough. And if your kids drink the wrong kind of drink, it can do more harm than good. Here are some tips on keeping your children healthy and hydrated in the hot summer months. 1. Fluids Drinking water is […]

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September Gardening 101

Posted on 01 September 2010 by

If you’ve been gardening all summer, you’ve likely enjoyed the fruits of your labor. Fresh vegetables, fruits or flowers have graced your dinner table in one manner or another. But now the summer is nearing an end. You may be wondering what you can do in September to prepare your garden for the coming winter […]

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Which Houseplants Give You Cleaner Air

Posted on 01 September 2010 by

In the late 1980s, NASA researched indoor plants to see if they would cleanse the air in tightly-sealed space stations. The good news is, you can benefit from their discoveries in your home. It is true that houseplants improve indoor air quality. They absorb some of the toxic chemicals that out-gas from building materials. Some […]

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Tips to Make Your Garden Eco-Friendly

Posted on 31 August 2010 by

Chances are, if you garden, you are conscious of your impact on the earth. At the same time, you still want to get rid of pests and weeds and grow lush, healthy plants. There are numerous eco-friendly approaches you can take that will provide for a healthy, beautiful garden. Here are some tips. 1. Insect […]

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Making Your Own Seed Tray Starter from Recycled Materials

Posted on 30 August 2010 by

Starting seeds is a fun way to get a head start on the growing season. If you start sowing seed in February, March or April, you should have all kinds of leftover containers from recent holidays that could be used to make seed starters. Let’s take a look at some common materials you can use […]

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Turning Your Manicured Lawn into an Edible One

Posted on 29 August 2010 by

The manicured lawn is an American classic. It evokes images of Dad with his backyard grill and Mom wearing pearls and a crisp apron. It’s an idyllic scene, but a bit outdated. These days, eating your lawn is the new trend, and for good reason. For one thing, the manicured lawn is only possible with […]

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The Trash Can Game: Teaching Your Kids to Reduce Trash

Like anything else, teaching your children to be “green” starts at an early age. What better way to teach them than to integrate it into their daily routine? This “game” can be played in a group setting such as a classroom or with just your child alone. Before starting the “game” however, you should […]

Green Toys for Your Child

One way to teach your child to be environmentally friendly is through their toys. Toys make up almost half of a kid’s belongings. Aside from keeping them busy, toys help develop children’s sensory skills and brain functions. By buying green toys for your kids, you teach them a lesson in consumer choice and environmental responsibility. A […]

Will Your Child Be A Victim Of Global Warming?

Aside from the financial crisis we are facing today, one of the biggest problems we have to address is global warming. Since our environment has taken a turn for the worse, many concerned groups are promoting awareness, so that everyone will take it upon themselves to do their part in saving our planet. If you regularly […]

How To Start Recycling At Home

If you try to examine your family’s way of life, do you think there are certain areas you can improve on, so you can help address the problem we have on pollution and garbage disposal? If you check the stuff that you have at home, are you able to find too many things that you […]

What You Need to Know About BPA in Baby Bottles

Safety is one of the things every parent considers when buying items for their child. Luckily, our government is proactive in testing baby products to ensure our children’s wellbeing, from baby food and medicine to toys and equipment (i.e. car seats, strollers). Recently, there has been a growing unease towards a popular component of baby […]

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