Caring Tips for Pet Bunnies

By in Pets on 02 August 2010

People choose to keep pets because they meet a need that other people can’t. Some people choose pets such as dogs or cats while others choose to keep pet rabbits. Follow these caring tips for pet bunnies; isn’t difficult but it does take time and effort on the part of the owner.

Being cute and cuddly makes children fall in love with small rabbits. They’ll quickly pick one up and play with it. While it is possible to hold rabbits, not doing it properly could hurt the animal or cause an injury to the child.

Talk to the pet store staff. They will be able to give you information about how to care for a rabbit. You can also purchase books to learn about rabbit care or search the internet to find the information you need for proper handling.

Like other pets, rabbits have some basic requirements:

  • A cage or home to live in
  • Food dish, pellets and fresh vegetables
  • Water bottle
  • Bedding such as hay
  • A litter pan
  • Toys for the rabbit
  • Space to exercise

Be sure to have all supplies on hand before you bring the bunny home. You’ll want to have everything ready for your new pet. This will enable you to place your bunny in its new home so it can get settled in.

Rabbits don’t like being held. In fact, they are more comfortable with all of their feet on the ground. It might be a better idea if an adult picks the rabbit up carefully and then give it to a child. Be sure to put your hand under the rabbit so it isn’t as likely to squirm or scratch. Rabbits can easily be hurt so your children will want to be careful with them and not play too rough.

Rabbits are also easily stressed and don’t like loud noises. Since this is the case, if your house is hectic or noisy, it may not be the best home for a pet rabbit. And you’ll also want to be sure you supervise your children when they’re playing with their pet.

Check the rabbit’s food and water at least twice daily. Give it fresh water if there is food, hay or other contaminants in it. They can eat alfalfa pellets or washed and rinsed vegetables. Lettuce, celery or broccoli can be given as a treat but should not comprise the most of their diet.

Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box if you keep their cage clean. You can also place litter boxes in each corner of their cage. They will choose one or two as their preferred spots; when this happens you can remove the other boxes.

Take your rabbit outdoors to exercise it a couple of times a week but don’t let the rabbit get too far from you. If it escapes you may not be able to get it back. Keep it indoors if the weather is too hot or rainy.

Finally, check your rabbit regularly to ensure it is healthy. They’ll need their nails filed or trimmed but be careful not to injury them. Clean the cage and keep the water fresh. Bunnies can get sick if their fur gets and stays wet. Take your rabbit to the veterinarian if you’re concerned about it.

Using these caring tips for pet bunnies, you can see how it really isn’t difficult. It does take time to care for any pet and a rabbit is no different. If taken care of properly, you can expect to keep your rabbit for several years.


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