Can Belly Wraps Help You Lose Pregnancy Weight?

By in Pregnancy & Labor on 15 May 2009

Many new moms are raving about belly wraps lately. And with celebrity moms included in the list of satisfied users, it is slowly gaining popularity. Many new moms are always on the look out for products that can help aid weight loss. After nine months of nurturing a baby inside the womb, most women are only too eager to get back in shape.

While there are certainly benefits in using belly wraps during the postpartum period, many experts are still not convinced of its effects on weight loss. Before you decide to include it as part of your weight loss plan, it may help if you first try to determine how it can be beneficial to you during the postpartum period.

A belly wrap is actually not a modern day invention designed to help new moms shed off the excess pounds. In truth, it has been around for a long time already, and it is usually referred to as abdominal binders. When used during the postpartum period, these binders actually provide abdominal support which can help get the uterus back to its pre-pregnancy size.

There are some health care providers who would recommend the use of belly wraps four to six weeks after delivery. It is primarily ordered to reduce the discomforts during the postpartum period. Some women attest to having been able to move around more due to these belly wraps. While there are others who were able to better tolerate post-operative pain after a cesarean section.

Aside from these benefits, these wraps can also help boost an individual’s self-esteem. At a time when you may not be satisfied with your figure, these belly wraps can actually make you look slimmer. With its girdle like material, these binders can actually hold the abdominal flab in thereby giving the impression of a firmer tummy.

But how can it actually aid weight loss when it primarily just provides abdominal compression? The answer is still not clear. Although many women attribute the success of their weight loss on these compression wraps, many experts still believe otherwise. These experts believe that weight loss after pregnancy can best be attained through a combination of a healthy diet and exercise.

If you really believe that this product can help you lose weight, there is certainly nothing wrong if you give it a try. When purchasing a product, we always put into consideration the cost and the effectiveness of the item. If it’s something that you can afford, and if it will not put your health at risk, then perhaps it may be a reasonable item to purchase.

While there are indeed claims of numerous women who rapidly lost weight by using these binders, it is still best not to regard this as a miracle product. Fad diets have become popular because many individuals want to look good in such a short span of time. But the fact still remains that there is no easy and quick process in losing weight. The healthy way is still gradual weight loss attained through the right balance of a healthy diet and proper exercise.

5 Comments For This Post

  1. The uterus shrinks back down, through contractions, to slightly bigger than before pregnancy by six weeks postpartum. Wearing an abdominal binder does not have any effect on the organ.

    In fitness, we have a saying “Don’t wear a girdle, build a girdle.” This means strengthening the deepest abdominal muscle, the Transverse Abdominis. All postpartum women should strengthen this muscle first, as it is key to restoring core strength and stability, closing abdominal separation, and re-flattening the abdomen.

  2. Denise says:

    I’m not so sure about whether or not this could work. It seems like you’re just squishing your belly up for a while. I don’t see how doing so can help melt it away. I guess I’d need to see some really good proof. It’s a nice thought though…

  3. Jane Heiza says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. I am also a believer that there is no short cut to losing weight. I was intrigued by this idea because after my delivery my doctor didn’t really recommend it. But I learned that some doctors actually advise their patients to use belly wraps, or other similar products. I guess what’s positive is that many women now have plenty of options on how they can go about their weight loss plan.

  4. Krystle says:

    My son is 4 months old, I’ve used the belly wrap and it hasn’t done anything! I bought this hoping it would push my flabby and saggy tummy back in because I’m really self-conscious of my post partum body and it did nothing! It did, however, push everything in when I needed to wear something when I went out (all it’s good for IMO).

  5. Jane Heiza says:

    Thank’s for your review. I also think that diet and exercise is the best combination in weight loss. While I am open to products that may help aid weight loss, I am glad that you shared your experience with this one.


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